Empire Eventers
02:51:12 Emp or Empy
-HEE Click-

When the colt is pretty but the rating sucks😞😞
MC Ace
02:49:11 McMuffin
Yas Good boi~

-HEE Click-
Moonrose Mountains
02:46:50 Diva - MooginMoonian
Oh im certainly taking him lol
-HEE Click-
Sunstone Elite
02:46:19 Sun/Sunny
I knew it was too good to be true lmao I mean, why would I luck out? *shakes head* that doesn't happen.
Moonrose Mountains
02:45:30 Diva - MooginMoonian
Sunny send to me, i ve empty barns ready until they behave lol
Carmack Stables
02:44:16 Carjack
-HEE Click-
Wk7.. nice
Sunstone Elite
02:43:54 Sun/Sunny
....*trying not to FR everything*
Moonrose Mountains
02:41:36 Diva - MooginMoonian
3 is good, its still good
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
L.L.L Haven
02:28:49 LLL Ranch 2nd
Anni she's beautiful. I'd so steal her lol
Annie's Ponies
02:22:34 Anni, AP, <3
-HEE Click- Darn my KNN's arn't giving me luck this year
Seaside Acres
02:21:40 Kas | KNN/SH
Nooo :( that means I missed last week ughhh
Seaside Acres
02:21:23 Kas | KNN/SH
02:21:14 NeEd MorE DaPPleS
I think it is done now Kas ^.^
Painted View Ranch
02:21:09 PVR
I think it just did because 2 of my geldings just passed away
02:16:55 Kas
Does training rollover happen at 2:30 game time?
02:15:34 Trixy
WoW i've been really inactive on this Sim :')
Watermelon WB
What are the top 3 cheapest breeds for ratings?
Ryshadium RIDs
02:03:41 InkSpren
Alright, going to bed. Night all.
02:02:10 Fire
True. I didn't look at his parents lol.
02:01:16 Blueberry ♡
Welp, that's what happens when you breed an unrated to an APS.

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HEEWBBC Club Thread + Chat June 20, 2017 03:16 PM

~Skye Acres~
Posts: 5286
Banner by the amazing Polaresta Elites
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Not a member? Join today! https://horseeden.com/club.php?id=159911

Club Links:
- Yr102 Club Brood Auction: https://horseeden.com/forums.php?f=34&t=7604


HEEWBBC Chat Info:
This is a chat for all HEEWBBC Members about anything that has to do with the club and WB Breeding!

There are just a few rules that I would like you to follow to keep the chat as pleasant and friendly as possible;
1) No arguing
2) Be nice to other players in the chat. This means no insulting/harassing others
3) Please, keep the talk about the game. Nothing too personal please :)
4) Don't advertise for any sales stuff. There is a Club Sales Chat for that.
5) Do not gossip or talk badly about other players
6) Have fun!

Club Officers
~Skye Acres~
Polaresta Elites
Helicon Show Horses

Edited at June 24, 2018 03:31 PM by ~Skye Acres~
HEEWBBC Club Thread + Chat June 20, 2017 04:20 PM

~Skye Acres~
Posts: 5286
Anyone have any exciting matches for next month?

Here's the one I'm most excited for;

HEEWBBC Club Thread + Chat June 20, 2017 08:36 PM

Helicon Show Horses
Posts: 3176
Guess, I'll say hi!

I keep wanting to put something to that stud and then never do. All of my champagne mares are E combos now. -huff-

With a scope glass

Most hopeful:
With jumping medallion

Planning to use this new guy a lot (new WBLB #15 also not mine):
HEEWBBC Club Thread + Chat June 20, 2017 09:39 PM

~Skye Acres~
Posts: 5286
Ooh Good luck Helicon! Hopefully you will get another Thor out of that second match!
HEEWBBC Club Thread + Chat June 20, 2017 09:57 PM

~Skye Acres~
Posts: 5286
Helicon, I'm super excited for my match with Fenrir!

I'm really hoping for a SbSb EEE! Or at least EEP Filly.
HEEWBBC Club Thread + Chat June 20, 2017 10:00 PM

~Skye Acres~
Posts: 5286
I also might be doing this if I can get straws to the colt. They match perfectly!
HEEWBBC Club Thread + Chat June 21, 2017 05:48 AM

Helicon Show Horses
Posts: 3176
Thanks, I'm hoping for the best. Preparing for the worst. Haha. Oh, that reminds me I've got to start matching some mares for Fen. I hope he behaves for you, Skye.

Oh that colt...I know! Have you contacted the owner? Is there a straw page anywhere or shall I PM her too?
HEEWBBC Club Thread + Chat June 21, 2017 06:48 AM

~Skye Acres~
Posts: 5286
Helicon, Good luck!

And I did contact the owner, but they weren't sure about prices yet and as of right now there is no straw forum
HEEWBBC Club Thread + Chat June 21, 2017 07:40 AM

Helicon Show Horses
Posts: 3176
Perfection. I'll just wait it out and inquire soon for an update, then. Thanks!
HEEWBBC Club Thread + Chat June 21, 2017 07:51 AM

~Skye Acres~
Posts: 5286
I'll let you know if they decide on a price.

The main stud that I breed Little Moonsprite to is retiring in September, so I'll be needing to find her a new stud. Maybe if he does well, it could be him!

Oh, I was looking at the WBLBs and I saw that one of your mares is currently #5 on the WBDLB! Congrats!

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