River Run Manor
10:38:32 River
You deserve a special award or something, that's really cool!
River Run Manor
10:37:56 River
I'm not 100% sure, but I believe pricing goes in sales chat.
Amera Eventing
10:37:53 Mera // AE
He's one of only two WWE WB studs in the game. The only WWE combo WB born this year in the entire game, at least since I last checked 👀
McSmith Ranch
10:37:48 Mac | Thing 2
That goes to sales.
-HEE Click- Hmm is my pricing ok?
River Run Manor
10:36:52 River
Ooooooh! WWE!! Congrats!
McSmith Ranch
10:36:21 Mac | Thing 2
River Run Manor
10:36:20 River
I used to have a corn snake, a long time ago when I was about 8-9. His name was Dakota.. I'm still not sure why. I had hil for about a year.. until my mom accidentally left the cage open and he escaped. We never found him..
Nighthawk Ranch
10:35:45 Eq
She kept trying to go off into the yard and I kept putting her back in the gourds. She probably was pretty mad lmao
Amera Eventing
10:35:37 Mera // AE
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-

I'm so freaking excited :D
River Run Manor
10:35:05 River
I think it looks cool! Maybe you could do a spooky photo shoot, that'd look awesome!
McSmith Ranch
10:34:49 Mac | Thing 2
He looks mad
Amera Eventing
10:34:48 Mera // AE
What a lovely danger noodle you've got there :)
Elysium Opalus
10:34:44 elysium opalus
I still need to make more. Wow.
River Run Manor
10:34:18 River
I'm scared! I don't expect anything great, cause my EEE line is still weak, but I'm still scared!
Nighthawk Ranch
10:33:45 Eq
Looking though photos, I found a pic from when I tried to do a fall photoshoot with my corn snake last year and it turned out kind of terrifying -Click- Those eyes, man
Amera Eventing
10:33:31 Mera // AE
Omg week fours are tomorrow :O
10:31:18 Mor :)
I really like blood bays but I have to admit that is lovely....
River Run Manor
10:30:48 River
That's my favorite "shade" of bay <3
Amera Eventing
10:29:56 Mera // AE
Keep it *-*

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HEE KNNBC Club Chat + News Page December 29, 2017 10:19 PM

Mystic Fox Manor
Posts: 422
This chat is for KNNBC Members ONLY! Not a member? Join today!

Club Description
Coming Soon

Club Officers
|| Mystic Fox Manor ||
Overlord and Co-Overseer of AD KNN

|| Color Wonder Stables ||
Co-Overseer of AD KNN

|| Lumeer Arts ||
Overseer of SD Dressage KNN

|| Garnet Hill ||
Overseer of SD Cross Country KNN

|| Officer #5 (open) ||
Overseer of SD Jumping KNN

Chat Info
Here are just a few chat rules I'd like you all to follow so we can keep chat as friendly and helpful as possible;
1) No Arguing
2) No gossiping, talking badly about, or excluding others
3) Be respectful to other players. This means no harassing others or being rude to them for any reason.
4) Please try to keep the talk about the game as much as possible. Other topics are ok, but please don't get too personal or political
5) Don't advertise for sales stuff in this chat. There is a Club Sales Chat for that (Coming soon)
6) Follow HEE's chat rules https://horseeden.com/chatboxrules.php
7) Have fun!

Edited at August 9, 2018 11:29 PM by Mystic Fox Manor
HEE KNNBC Club Chat + News Page December 29, 2017 10:19 PM

Mystic Fox Manor
Posts: 422
Club Links

NEW Club Giveaway | status: active until 8/31/2019

Club Sales Chat |

Club Straws | (needs to be updated)

Edited at July 28, 2019 07:57 PM by Mystic Fox Manor
HEE KNNBC Club Chat + News Page December 29, 2017 10:20 PM

Mystic Fox Manor
Posts: 422
Club News
Updated 08/ 28/ 2019

We finally reached 50 club members! Woo!
Edited at July 28, 2019 07:54 PM by Mystic Fox Manor
HEE KNNBC Club Chat + News Page December 29, 2017 10:25 PM

Mystic Fox Manor
Posts: 422
Club Contests - NEW
Updated 08/ 28/ 2019

In honor of 50 club members, KNNBC is hosting a club giveaway! Enter today!
Edited at July 28, 2019 07:55 PM by Mystic Fox Manor
HEE KNNBC Club Chat + News Page December 29, 2017 10:52 PM

Mystic Fox Manor
Posts: 422

KNNBC has a mentoring system for those who need it. Mentors are there to provide matching help, culling advice, etc... to an member of KNNBC. A player can have a mentor for however long they or the mentor wishes, though one cannot be an apprentice forever.
On a side note; a member who has a mentor will be an "apprentice". Sometimes the club may have exclusive giveaways or raffles for apprentices, or special events to help further their KNN breeding. There may be similar events, giveaways, raffles, etc... for Mentors as well.

What is expected of a Mentor:
-Be able to answer truthfully to any KNN related questions asked by their apprentice
-give matching help
-help with culling
-(optional) lend KNN Mares and/or studs to apprentice
-(optional) give straws or discounted LCs or broods to apprentice
-(optional) give or sell discounted KNN horses to apprentice

****If an apprentice feels that their mentor is neglecting them, then please PM #159345 with your complaints***

What is expected of an Apprentice:
-be respectful to Mentor
-Ask mentor any KNN related questions
-Don't completely dismiss their advice. Mentors are carefully chosen by the mods of KNNBC because we believe they know what they are doing, and they are trying to help you succeed

Becoming a Mentor sign-up:
Stable Name:
Stable Number:
What discipline will you be mentoring?
What makes you believe you are qualified to be a Mentor?

Becoming an Apprentice sign-up:
Stable Name:
Stable Number:
What discipline do you need mentoring in:

Please submit these into either the Club Applications section or PM Mystic Fox Manor (#159345). If you would like to be taken off the mentoring list then PM Mystic Fox Manor as well.

List of Mentors:
Mystic Fox Manor | AD KNN

Edited at August 22, 2018 08:14 PM by Mystic Fox Manor
HEE KNNBC Club Chat + News Page January 19, 2018 01:54 PM

Mystic Fox Manor
Posts: 422
Hey KNNBG! How is everyone? :D

I'll be sending out a club message momentarily, but I just wanted to let y'all know that I added a new club contest! A Recruitment contest!
Whoever recruits the most by the time we reach 15-20 members will win a brood to a PEE or EEP KNN mare!

Edited at January 19, 2018 02:02 PM by Mystic Fox Manor
HEE KNNBC Club Chat + News Page March 9, 2018 09:44 PM

Mystic Fox Manor
Posts: 422
Hey HEE KNNBG! How was everyone's rollover?

I got a PPP SH filly from a Freyr x EEP KNN mare +Spd match xb
HEE KNNBC Club Chat + News Page March 17, 2018 01:01 AM

Khatovar KNNs
Posts: 72
Last RO was pretty uneventful for me, but I'm looking forward to testing my bravery foals in April!
HEE KNNBC Club Chat + News Page April 21, 2018 06:47 AM

Color Wonder Stables
Posts: 966
This thread needs some love! Got this boy on RO.

Three up week four... I bet he will totally flop. LOL. T.T

Edited at April 21, 2018 06:48 AM by Color Wonder Stables
HEE KNNBC Club Chat + News Page July 3, 2018 08:20 AM

Lumeer Arts
Posts: 725
Anything interesting for your ROs 108?

I used a Dressage medallion on my #1 x #1 Dressage match, and got a foal with sooty :D

Link will work when I’m on laptop <.>

Edited at July 3, 2018 06:28 PM by Lumeer Arts

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