Hemlock Farms
05:16:34 Hemitas
Ugh no! So rude.

Well It’s 5 am and can’t sleep so I captured some and just got this:
-HEE Click-

Week 8s all repeated their 4 ups and week 4s were abysmal.
~ Hades ~
05:16:12 LiTtLe PoTaTo MaN
I just wanna die...
And followed by this -HEE Click- -.- LMFAO

Hows things on your end Hem??
05:14:42 Nyx
oh my goodness XD
Hemlock Farms
05:14:02 Hemitas
Yay Capp!!
~ Hades ~
05:13:04 LiTtLe PoTaTo MaN
Nyx no
My boyfriends little brother had a crush on me
Just found out he's dating my sister 😆🤮
The First Realm
Congratulations Tuff!
-HEE Click- yayyyyy gained a bar! :o
05:09:01 Nyx
awh are you sick or something?
~ Hades ~
05:08:32 LiTtLe PoTaTo MaN
Oh my god...
Almost threw up
05:07:52 Nyx
that is terrible! I had the same thing happen around my house a few years ago when a dude tried to abduct me and it was awful!
Misty Mountain Lodge
05:01:57 tuff
Yipee! My first EEE!
~ Hades ~
05:01:03 LiTtLe PoTaTo MaN
Well we just had a police helicopter circle around our house and hover there for about an hour
honestly it was scary as they had the tactical team and everything
04:45:00 Val
Oh wow, RID gained a bar xD
-HEE Click-
Tumbling K Stables
04:42:37 Tumbling
So, what are rerolls?
04:33:12 Koko
-HEE Click-
My PON's are finally getting stronger and stronger! Im so excited for them, they have been lacking behind my AA's and Tb's.
sassyk Stables
04:26:36 Queen Of UngodlyCool
-HEE Click- loving that wk 8
04:26:19 Val
-HEE Click-

Ooo, she leveled up in 2 disciplines x)
Cedar Elites
04:25:08 Koko
-HEE Click-
Oh! you will give me 2 up week 7 but you wouldn't give me all up week 5... >.>
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EC Equines // Eventing TBs August 18, 2019 11:23 AM

EC Equines
Posts: 56
<div align="center">EC Equines
<div align="center">~For the Love of Thoroughbreds~
<div align="center">Since Year 102<div align="center">
<div align="center">WHO WE ARE<div align="center">
<div align="center">We are an Eventing Thoroughbred stud with a deeply ingrained passion for our horses. Each horse is highly valued and has an individualized training program. Once we have purchased/bred a horse we try to keep them with us for as long as possible. We also occasionally capture a wild horse and show them in a discipline they are most apt in. <div align="center">
<div align="center">RECENT DEVELOPMENTS<div align="center">
<div align="center">Recently our focus has shifted to both our horses' and riders' show performance and development to such an extent that we have implemented a new training initiative for our riders. <div align="center">
<div align="center">Team Leader Initiative <div align="center">
<div align="center">Our less experienced riders are assigned to a Schoolmaster under the leadership of another more experienced rider who has the role of Team Leader. All team leaders are required to be Level 5 or higher. Team Leaders get a training opportunity with their team's assigned schoolmaster once a month. The lower level riders get the opportunity to train more than once a month with the Team Schoolmaster to increase their training and skills. <div align="center">
<div align="center">Breeding guarantee<div align="center">
<div align="center">Because we value providing high quality horses to those who breed with our stallions we will refund you for any foals that rate lower than PPP for SELECTED STALLIONS. <div align="center">Simply mail us with the link of the rated foal and you will receive a reply and refund within 24 hours. <div align="center"><div align="center">
<div align="center">OUR STALLIONS<div align="center">
<div align="center">Valittu (EEE)<div align="center">
<div align="center">We boast a beautiful, black EEE stallion called Valittu who will unfortunately be retiring in year 122 from his breeding career.<div align="center">Valittu has won various awards for his breeding performance. He has continued producing lovely, high quality foals throughout his time with us. Most of our show geldings consist of his offspring and continue winning Federation awards. The mares Valittu have produced also made their mark in our stud by producing PPP+ rated foals.<div align="center">
<div align="center">Sired by: ✯ Capricorn (EEE)<div align="center">Dam: Andromeda Black (EEE)<div align="center">Dam sire: ⅃R Equilibrium (EEE)<div align="center">
<div align="center">
<div align="center">*EC You're my Muse (EEP)<div align="center">Muse is our fiery redheaded boy who has already produced a few showstoppers. His offspring excel in the show ring and have been proving themselves in Federation shows.<div align="center">
<div align="center">Sired by: Valittu (EEE)<div align="center">Out of our very own: Music to my Ears (PPP)<div align="center">Dam sire: TR Ready For Silver (EEE)<div align="center">
<div align="center">Muse is now available for breeding for only 1000 ebs LC<div align="center">Minimum rating allowed: PEP combos<div align="center">SELECTED STALLION<div align="center">
<div align="center">*EC Eros (EEP)<div align="center">Sired by: the award-winning Ħ Eris<div align="center">Out of our very own: EC Vendetta (PEE)<div align="center">Dam sire: Valittu (EEE)<div align="center">
<div align="center">Eros is now available for breeding for only 1000 ebs LC<div align="center">Minimum rating allowed: PEP combos<div align="center">SELECTED STALLION<div align="center">
<div align="center">
<div align="center">*EC Violet's Epiphany (PEE)<div align="center">Sired by: the award-winning ℭ❃ Revelation (EEE)<div align="center">Dam: EC Violet Storm (EEP)<div align="center">Dam sire: Valittu (EEE)<div align="center">
<div align="center">Epiphany is now available for breeding for only 1000 ebs LC<div align="center">Minimum rating allowed: PEP combos<div align="center">SELECTED STALLION<div align="center">
<div align="center">Please find their links attached separately below.

<div align="center">
<div align="center">Our mares<div align="center">
<div align="center">Watch out for our mares who will be made available for breeding in Yr 122 including EE-combo mares. <div align="center">You can contact us for more info<div align="center">or even select mares you like to reserve them <div align="center">for private breeding for Yr 122.<div align="center">
<div align="center">That's all folks...<div align="center">
<div align="center">Feel free to pop by anytime to view our horses or send us a friend request.<div align="center">We value creating new partnerships to the benefit of everyone as breeders/players or simply for the sake of new friendships.<div align="center">
<div align="center">~The EC Equines Team~<div align="center">

Edited at August 19, 2019 02:24 AM by EC Equines
EC Equines // Eventing TBs August 19, 2019 02:04 AM

EC Equines
Posts: 56
Valittu (EEE)


Edited at August 19, 2019 02:19 AM by EC Equines
EC Equines // Eventing TBs August 19, 2019 02:22 AM

EC Equines
Posts: 56
EC You're my Muse (EEP)

EC Equines // Eventing TBs August 19, 2019 02:23 AM

EC Equines
Posts: 56
EC Eros (EEP)

EC Equines // Eventing TBs August 19, 2019 02:23 AM

EC Equines
Posts: 56
EC Violet's Epiphany (PEE)


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