09:48:55 Uriel~Lost Pony

I Like b xD
KPH Equestrian
09:48:44 KPH | Rapcoon
hell yeah xD Oooh, Uriel gets to be Pinhead Larry! xD
Olive Tree Ranch
09:48:05 Olive/Toe Beans
Just throwing that out there now lol
Olive Tree Ranch
09:47:51 Olive/Toe Beans
Im dirty dan
KPH Equestrian
09:47:36 KPH | Rapcoon
Hi Uriel<3
If you call me Spongebob(which I don' mind) then I get to call you either
a) Sandy
b) Squidward
c) Gary Thee Snail
KPH Equestrian
09:46:21 KPH | Rapcoon
for black horses, we could also have a layer like Pangere but on the top of the horse instead so it looks sun-faded :D It sould appear randomly between the ages of 8-12 and gradually increase each year :3
09:45:47 Uriel~Lost Pony

Debating calling u SpongeBob 0-0
Looking Glass Stable
09:44:51 IA Glass 👋
Great point Rapcoon! So much potential ♡

Oh wow, that is stunning! Definitely made me think champagne. How lovely ♡
KPH Equestrian
09:43:21 KPH | Rapcoon
ooohh, he's beautiful! I see what you mean :D
Star Fields
09:43:16 Stardust/Comet
Oooh I love andalusions

This here is a black pearl :) In a way they look lots like classic champagne. They also react with the champagne mutation
KPH Equestrian
09:42:25 KPH | Rapcoon
ahh, right. Though Smokey Black is the way it is as Crcr doesn't act on black pigment, though I *think* it shows a bit in their winter coats, turning them brown-ish.
I'd love smokey blacks to be like the black chestnut, though. Especially since black horses coats can fade from sun exposure :3
Star Fields
09:41:33 Stardust/Comet
Someone (Not naming who) Made art for trophy vault that looked like my 7-year-old brother made it, but then entered in my contest a T2 piece and now i'm confused...
Star Fields
09:39:58 Stardust/Comet
I don't think i own any geldings lol
KPH Equestrian
09:39:51 KPH | Rapcoon
awww, thank you! Crystal River made it, she's really good at it<3
Looking Glass Stable
09:39:48 IA Glass 👋
I don't believe so, unless it was paired with the Creme gene or course, in which case yes (:
Perhaps more like Smokey Black? Although I'd love to see a shinier version and not just a re-name of a pre-existing coat. Perhaps something like the Black Chestnut/Dark Liver?
Star Fields
09:39:15 Stardust/Comet
I loooove your pallette!
KPH Equestrian
09:38:00 KPH | Rapcoon
wouldn't it just look similar to a Smokey Creme?
Looking Glass Stable
09:37:05 IA Glass 👋
Fascinating. I wonder what a black-based homo-pearl would look like on HEE (:
Apricots are already such a big deal to many breeders; I can only imagine ♡
With the genetics I have 2 major issues and some which are more subjective and I personally would have solved differently.

Issue 1: The implementation of Pearl. Pearl is correctly represented as a recessive allele, but it should be mapped to the creme locus. Also homozygeous pearl shows on all base colors and not just on chestnut

Issue 2: There is no Implementation of the KIT gene, but instead the Alleles that would occure on KIT are represented as individual genes. (eg. roan, toby ect...)

Don't get me wrong the genetics here are better than in many games, but still I'd love to see a more accurate mapping of the alleles to the correct Locus, especially because the hypothetical At allele is mapped to Agouti which prooves that the code allows for more than 2 different alleles to be mapped to a gene
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~WW News Thread & Unicorn Updates December 5, 2022 12:00 AM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 4224
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ALL of our precious unicorns have been transfered to Luckycharmz for safe-keeping while I am gone.


News Thread to Whizbar's Wishlist!

Be sure to keep ALL wishes on the OTHER thread (Whizbar's Wishlist).
Thank you!
This page will contain special news releases from yours truly (🍀Dizzy McTavern), and most importantly, updates on our resident unicorns!


Quick links:
❤️Yr163 Unicorn Broods! (Fundraiser Auction Thread)
🦄 Unicorn Stallions for Stud + Unicorn Foal Brandings
☃️ Holiday Story/Poem Contest!

Edited at June 12, 2023 01:33 PM by WhizBar Eventing
~WW News Thread & Unicorn Updates December 5, 2022 12:05 AM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 4224
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🌈 Special announcement! 🍀

(Dec 2, yr161)

Renowned Leprechauns… You look out across the lush green fields and over patches of delicate daisies to find a spankin new and sparklin white wooden barn with vibrant green trim... The little tan dirt piles surrounding the construction site are beginning to sprout back with some playful little shrubs decorated with bright red holly berries in preparation for the upcoming Holiday season - one the Leprechauns know all too well! They peak from around the scattered oak trees and faintly hear a few anxious snorts coming from the wood… hmmm

As they think about it, they realize they haven’t seen any of their trusty unicorn steeds since before their quite delightful breakfast of Luckycharmz in a pot… Just as they are about to creep closer to investigate, a blazing burst of glitter, rainbows, and sparkles with a flowing silver mane streaks breaks into the bright blue sky. 🍀Lucky O’Wobbles (Pola) recognizes her majestical steed immediately, even with just this quick glimpse as he gallops powerfully back into the -almost blinding- doorway to his stable. Or perhaps what is is blinding is his neatly hung placard placed right under the rafters over his now-turned rump... it reads “🦄 Sage Silky Stallion”.

The Leprechauns turn to each other… nearly giddy with excitement as they realize the nature of this new development and can each picture their beloved magical mount cheerfully munching on their pink unicorn hay atop their freshly fluffed bedding in their very own stalls… 🍀Tater O’Rainbow (Luckycharmz) is the first to burst forward, on fast little legs, across the field, through the shade of the oaks, and straight into this new beautiful stable…….

~WW News Thread & Unicorn Updates December 5, 2022 12:10 AM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 4224
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✨ Unicorn Update! ✨

(Dec 5, yr161)


^clicky link

Welcome to the Unicorn Stable, where Eden's most renowned Unicorns can be visited in their very own stalls. Our finest Leprechauns are often found exercising their magical horses and sneaking sugar cubes to their trusty equines, each of whom have been specially awarded to them. The bond between Leprechaun and their Unicorn is like no other, and this stable contains only the finest.

Please take a long look around through the magical, hand-crafted rows of our beautiful barn, and share some spare sugar cubes with these majestical equines (they are magical so do not possess any health/dietary concerns ;). When not in their stalls, look cheerfully towards their pastures for they may be galloping through the skies, leaving trails of rainbows and great fortune.

-🍀Dizzy McTavern

~WW News Thread & Unicorn Updates December 6, 2022 11:58 PM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 4224
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Holiday Event!
Hey everyone!! There is a Wishlist event being held in spirit of the Holidays!

Be sure to click for details and definitely enter if you enjoy writing/poetry, or just want to take a stab at it! =D Also, one of the prizes for the winner is... the first Unicorn foal ever offered! 😊 And from Bluebell Lovely Rump, my own precious Unicorn!! You get to pick the Unicorn stallion! ...it's all on the contest page! ;) ☃️

~WW News Thread & Unicorn Updates December 7, 2022 12:34 AM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 4224
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More exciting news for today - 2 new features!

🌈 Breed to the Unicorn stallions!

✨ And have the option to brand your Unicorn foal with our special Unicorn brand: ~𝖜🦄𝖜~

Find additional info here!

These are both opportunities to help raise $ to help support the Wishlist! <3

~WW News Thread & Unicorn Updates December 9, 2022 09:14 AM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 4224
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🍀 Important Announcement! 🦄

(Dec 9, yr161)


The Unicorn mares are having their first ever brood auction as a fundraiser for the wishlist!! (All earnings go towards granting more wishes 😊)

Winners will select a Unicorn stallion of their choice (found in the Unicorn barn) and then receive the special Unicorn foal! Plus a beautiful Wishlist patron pixel badge created by Pola (🍀Lucky O’Wobbles)!

(note: pixel only for brood winners) <3

Please read the linked thread above for more info and to support the wishlist through winning a brood! 🌈 ❤️

~WW News Thread & Unicorn Updates December 21, 2022 10:26 AM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 4224
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✨Branding Special!✨

Offering free branding of Unicorn foals all day! (Dec 21)


Come pick from our many majestic Unicorn studs! <33

~WW News Thread & Unicorn Updates December 24, 2022 11:57 PM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 4224
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❄️ A Winter Update!! ☃️
A lovely little update on the Leprechaun's going-ons this wonderful Holiday season from the winner of our Wishlist Winter Short Story/Poem contest:
SilverFern Stables!

On The Front Lines

By: SilverFern Stables
The soft crunch of untouched snow being flattened was so quiet not even a mouse would stir. His small boot clad feet settled so gently the buckles don’t even clink against the leather. Eyes wide and observant he checked his 10 o’clock, then his 3. All was clear. Signaling behind him with a stern wave of the hand, they began to progress forward, each step still being taken with great caution.
“What’s our ETA?” said a voice that rose from behind him.
“At this pace, all going smoothly, T-2 minutes,” he uttered in a calm, cool tone.
And so they kept moving always alert for danger.

But then it happened. It all began with a step slightly too large, a leg slightly too wobbly. It then it escalated so quickly, violently even. His backpack throwing him off balance, his necklace of tinsel tangling around his limbs. Their cover was blown. Lying in a heap on the ground his fall broken by his hay stuffed backpack he lay still, paralyzed by fear, only his mouth was able to move. “Get down, Get down!” he yelled to his men, hoping even some would make it through the onslaught. “Retreat! Don’t come back fo-“

(Insert heavy irish accent)

“What in the heck are ye doin’?” Bellowed a familiar voice.

“Oh uh… hi uncle Alby, we were just…”

“I told ye to go to da barn and feed da the horses, not go waltzing around in the snow like elves or somethin”

“Well you see… we were just… getting there…” Fergus replied hurriedly.

“But you see we had to conduct our uh “mandatory” leprechaun military training,” Hamish interrupted, still lying capsized.

“I’ve never in meh life heard of such a thing… ye quite literally 5 yards from the barn… oh well now go on and get to those unicorns or Violet Silky Tail will be bustin’ down da door – you know what she’s like.” And letting out a sigh Ably turned, but just before he walked away said, "We're about to start openin presents, ye better hurry."

Rather quickly Hamish scrambled to his feet, once again finding his balance. Then looking Fergus dead in the eye said: “ETA is T-4 minutes – lets get movin’!”

~WW News Thread & Unicorn Updates December 25, 2022 12:06 AM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 4224
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The Christmas Colt!
✨Welcome the First Pure-bred Unicorn Foal!✨


The lovely Bluebell Lovely Rump is our first Unicorn mare here at the stables to foal!
~Be on the lookout for the rest of the mares to foal shortly! <3


Little white tufs of mane sprout up from the sweet smelling bedding and straw bundles from Bluebell's stall. She shifts one ear perkily down towards this emerging little floof, and swishes her soft, silky tail at the arrival of her first-born son. His red coat, though still wet, is already gleaming with the arrival of Christmas morning's soft rays as they make their way through this, now even more so, magnificent stall. It's the beginning of the most wonderful day, and a special little colt indeed. =)
Congrats to SilverFern Stables, who owns this colt through receiving Bluebell's brood and selecting the paired stallion <33

Edited at December 25, 2022 12:08 AM by WhizBar Eventing
~WW News Thread & Unicorn Updates December 27, 2022 12:53 PM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 4224
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✨ Special Unicorn update! 🌈

All of our special unicorns now have their own personality/appearance descriptions in their remarks! Go check them all out here! <33 (and fall in love with each of them like I have xD)

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