sorry about last post laptop glitched
Lady Athelyna
erm check the sales chat
Purple Pegasus Farm
07:44:06 Graceful
That belongs in sales chat, Dacoda.
Star Catcher Estate
07:43:58 Fleur
Dacoda, put it in sales
names please
-HEE Click-

-HEE Click-
What is perlino?
Abingdon Stud
07:40:45 XHH
-HEE Click- I cant wait to match her with a boy thats high in SCP, the one im looking at might take me down 250k though..
Star Catcher Estate
07:40:32 Fleur
Howdy Stark!
House Stark
07:39:46 Stark
Tamarack Mountain
07:37:51 Opal
That is making some good bank!Oct 14, 2019 07:36:41 You entered 498 horses into reg. shows for 428900.
Oct 15, 2019 00:17:42 You had 498 horses compete in reg. shows earning 784518
owl creek farm
A chimera to start my day. :D -HEE Click-
Double Diamond Ranch
07:37:31 Shiny
He looks awesome with red, Bes
07:36:47 -BES-
-HEE Click- yay or nay on the red on him? I want red dye too lol
Double Diamond Ranch
07:36:33 Shiny
I'm doing great!
Purple Pegasus Farm
07:34:29 Graceful
Quite well. You?
Star Catcher Estate
07:32:33 Fleur
Double Diamond Ranch
07:30:55 Shiny
How are you?
Purple Pegasus Farm
07:30:16 Graceful
Morning. ;)
Double Diamond Ranch
07:28:54 Shiny
Hii everyone

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Ebstone Elites | 209083 | Anglo Arabians January 28, 2019 02:50 AM

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Douleur Exquise
Week 8

Having missed a week during Fleur's Week 4 training, I was more than eager to have her week 8 revealed, and it did not disappoint. She went up 4 traits, my new record for an EEE mare. Hopefully she can produce foals with similar strengths!

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