Golden Pasture
Golden Pasture
It is such a good movie Jess!!!!
Cassa Belle
03:41:13 Cassandra/Jess
In Darkest Hour he doesn't have stutter lol
Cassa Belle
03:40:21 Cassandra/Jess
George VI was King during WW2, and I didn't realize the King's Speech was about King George VI
Oak Runner
I really enjoyed that one as well. Me too. Helps that they are both great films
Zecchini Farms
03:40:01 Emma
Thanks. Abc
Cassa Belle
03:38:58 Cassandra/Jess
I'm watching netflix's Darkest Hour, and there are so many ties between the movies. I love history
Emma, those blue eyes are astonishing!
Jess, yes, back when it was in cinemas
Oak Runner
Yes, love it!
Cassa Belle
03:36:51 Cassandra/Jess
Has anyone seen the Kings Speech?
Zecchini Farms
03:36:22 Emma
Zecchini Farms
03:36:05 Emma
I have an spa 1 of 17 that I love for no reason -HEE Click-
Thanks giggles :) I will do that!
No, really, I haven't figured out yet what's the most fun to me and how everything works. I just discovered this morning that the SSS horses I had been so proud of where not really good at all...
Timber Canyon
03:34:15 Timbie
I deffo recommend focusing one ratings over color personally
Zecchini Farms
03:34:03 Emma
Lmao I don't think you can make them fly but the rest are good gowls
EEE horse then WWW as well as completing quests and have rare coats
Jellos Warmbloods
03:34:00 Giggles Wubs
So train in AD
Jellos Warmbloods
03:33:50 Giggles Wubs
Then that would be breeding for eventing ratings
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Trivia Team July 21, 2019 01:58 PM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 2808

Since we always have a fun time during the Capture Week Chat Party, I thought it might be nice to hold Trivia weekly.

So for this we will form an informal Trivia Team of Game Members who will run the Chat Party. A few things about this:

-You will have a special Trivia Team Title in-Game.
-You'll receive a free upgrade for your duration of time on the Team.
-You will have the ability to Moderate the Chatroom.
-You will be responsible for organizing the Trivia, running the Chat, and asking the questions. And perhaps for handing out prizes. (I havnt decided what the prizes will be yet.)
-You need to be available to do this every other week. Please note that you will need to be available for around 2 Hours as that is the about how long the trivia is expected to last.
-You'll be responsible for enforcing HEE rules in the chatroom.

Our team needs to consist of 3 EVENING PEOPLE and 3 AFTERNOON PEOPLE (NOONISH)as we will alternate times each week so that members of all timezones have an opportunity to participate.

The day it occurs on is flexible, but we will aim for Fri, Sat, or Sun.

If you are interested, please post on this thread, and note whether youre an EVENING OR AFTERNOON player. I will be looking for people that are active in the Community and dont have a history of rule breaking.

Please only apply if you can make the commitment

Thanks guys, let's have some fun!

Edited at July 21, 2019 02:22 PM by Cadence Farms
Trivia Team July 21, 2019 02:08 PM

Purple Pegasus Farm
Trivia Team
Posts: 2453
I'm highly interested in a position. Located on the east coast of the US (EST). Usually online at least three hours a day and good understanding of the rules/etiquette. I have flexible hours and can change things to accommodate, however, I would prefer evenings.

Thank you!

Edited at July 21, 2019 02:24 PM by Purple Pegasus Farm
Trivia Team July 21, 2019 02:13 PM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 2808
No formal application. Just making a list.
Trivia Team July 21, 2019 02:18 PM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 2808
I changed up the post a bit.

Just post if you are generally available in the evenings or afternoon. (your preference)
Trivia Team July 21, 2019 02:24 PM

Posts: 615
I am interested but preferably in the evenings
Trivia Team July 21, 2019 02:31 PM
Al Khamsa
Posts: 196
Interested in Evenings as my schedule only would allow evenings on average.
Trivia Team July 21, 2019 02:36 PM

New Eagle Equine
Posts: 61
I could do both, but if you need afternoon people I will definitely be available (I stay home a lot sooo....)

Edited at July 21, 2019 02:37 PM by New Eagle Equine
Trivia Team July 21, 2019 02:36 PM

Jericho Stables
Trivia Team
Posts: 1903
Me for evenings
Trivia Team July 21, 2019 02:44 PM

Mysterious oak ranch
Posts: 184
Could there be a way to try it out with all parties interested to make sure it is something we can handle?
Trivia Team July 21, 2019 02:48 PM

Jellos Warmbloods
Posts: 8038
Oh! This would be fun.

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