The Valley
04:34:03 River
Echo. You need a rider who is at the same training level as the horse. They can be automatically assigned
Echo forest
i know how to do that but i mean what is the best amount to pay them is the most expensive one worth its price
Winterhills Eventing
04:33:13 Jen
Echo just go to Services>Hire a Rider
Shivering Sea
04:32:32 Back to my PPP curse
People choose to play it in different ways but the main focus of the game is indeed showing.

That's why, unless you do something like art, you are likely to struggle with ebs.
Echo forest
what is the best rider to get
The Valley
04:30:59 River
You have to get riders for your horses and pay them. Then you can train and compete.
Olive Tree Equine
04:30:50 Olive / Yarn
yeah but it's also breeding @river.
like i don't show but i still have the ebs to breed ratings
Echo forest
i really dont understand the training part i have tried in the past but my riders wouldnt train my horses
The Valley
04:27:57 River
The whole point of this game is competition, not pretty ponies or art.
Echo forest
ive never showed any of my horses how do i do that and also i dont understand the training gauge how do i make them go higher all my time on this game is usually just breeding and setting horses free but sound fun
Shivering Sea
04:26:35 Back to my PPP curse
Geldings are good for showing.
They can't breed.

The game's main way to make money is showing.
The Valley
04:26:10 River
Geldings are good for showing and hence making money
Echo forest
what are gelding good for i use my stallions to breed do they have better stats?

Shivering Sea
04:22:22 Back to my PPP curse
Echo, there's no such thing as getting money fast unless you FR all horses that are older than 2.

You have stalls that you could fill with geldings :D
Echo forest
or freeing horses i dont want
Echo forest
how do you get money fast i live of daily pay
Shivering Sea
04:20:26 Back to my PPP curse
I have 2 EWWs to breed this coming RO and I haven't ordered straws their straws yet.
I do have ordered some random straws from studs I liked and is going to be 110k on them so far.
Olive Tree Equine
04:18:33 Olive / Yarn
oh ok then
Shivering Sea
04:15:40 Back to my PPP curse
I don't buy art, at all xD (basically because my horses don't deserve it).

I mainly pile ebs. Buy horses here and there, perhaps keep them, perhaps sell them.
My main investment is geldings because I don't like dropping from 400k.
Rest I put it on RO, to random breedings and such.
Olive Tree Equine
04:13:19 Olive / Yarn
so what do you do with all your ebs? you hardly ever buy art
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   Trivia Night! September 18, 2020 11:27 PM

Purple Pegasus Farm
Trivia Team
Posts: 3204
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Trivia Night

Next Trivia Night: March 7th 1 pm
The Trivia team proudly presents Trivia night. Trivia night rotates weekly between day time for our friends on the other side of the globe and night time folks.
The Trivia team will have a list of rotating categories.There will be three rounds, each with a different theme and winners. Answering each question will get you one (1) point. Unless stated otherwise and it is worth more points, if only answering half of the question you can either gain one(1) or two (2) points for answering the full question. Each round will have four (4) questions, each question will be asked by someone of the Trivia team three (3) minutes apart. Winner is decided by high point, not by who answers first.


- All Horse Eden Eventing rules apply.
- Members must enter their EXACT stable name and stable number in the chat when joining.
- Members must enter their stable number with their answer or it will not be counted!
- Must listen to moderator instructions at all times
- No posting other trivia questions during Trivia, there will be time for that after the official HEE Trivia has concluded.
- No cheating!
- Have fun!
If you break these rules, you will be muted, kicked, or even banned from the chat room.

This is an official text chatroom, and has been supported by the Admin. No other off-site chats (besides the promotional ones at the bottom of the page) may be posted anywhere on-site, or on this chat box.


The highest scoring members will win, and if there's a draw, they will be randomly chosen or have a toss up question of who answers correctly first.

Prize Donations

If you wish to donate prizes please contact the following:

Evening team prize handler: Purple Pegasus Farm

Afternoon team prize handler: White Hills

If you have any questions or concerns about prizes please feel free to contact: Purple Pegasus Farm


Click Below to Join the Trivia!

Make sure to review the above requirements before entering.

Link To Trivia Chatroom

Link To Our Scoreboard


All comments and questions will be maintained in this thread.


Edited at March 6, 2021 12:35 PM by Purple Pegasus Farm
Trivia Night! July 30, 2019 01:27 PM

Jericho Stables
Game Moderator
Posts: 3066
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And to kick off our weekly trivia nights we have a special prize of a custom stable set donated by the one and only Vendetta!

This can be won by playing all three rounds and having the highest average of points. If there is no clear winner then we will use a random number generator to choose out of the top three players of all three rounds.
Trivia Night! July 30, 2019 02:07 PM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 3462
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Thanks Ven for the awesome prize!
Trivia Night! July 30, 2019 02:32 PM

Posts: 65
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Hmm 4 am in the UK
Trivia Night! July 30, 2019 02:34 PM

Posts: 2737
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Cadence Farms said:
Thanks Ven for the awesome prize!

Very much so,Thanks Ven! ;D
Trivia Night! July 30, 2019 02:36 PM

Jericho Stables
Game Moderator
Posts: 3066
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Buckleaze said:
Hmm 4 am in the UK

The following week there will be a Trivia night in the game time afternoon for folks over yonder :)

Keep posted for the date and time for that!
Trivia Night! July 30, 2019 02:38 PM

The Valley
Posts: 42
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Great. Thanks
Trivia Night! July 30, 2019 04:34 PM

White Stag Estate
Posts: 55
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Can you specify what you mean by cheating? I know in normal trivia we can check google, is that considered cheating or?
Trivia Night! July 30, 2019 04:42 PM

Jericho Stables
Game Moderator
Posts: 3066
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No using Google (or other search engines). Wouldnt be much of a point since it isnt whoever answers first, it is based off score.

Edit: we will be offering questions where you will have to guess the answer or multiple choice. So there will be options where you can eliminate possibilities even if you dont know.

So let's keep this fun :)

Edited at July 30, 2019 04:49 PM by Jericho Stables
Trivia Night! July 30, 2019 04:48 PM

White Stag Estate
Posts: 55
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Jericho Stables said:
No using Google (or other search engines). Wouldnt be much of a point since it isnt whoever answers first, it is based off score.

And what do you mean by based off score?

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