Lovely angels
08:03:08 Angel's angels (SA)
Thought so. Thanks!
08:02:18 Myrth
To me yes. 😕
Lovely angels
08:01:21 Angel's angels (SA)
-HEE Click-
Is this wk 4 worth getting rid of her?
Starleaf Stables
07:55:05 Flare <3
-HEE Click-
Legacy Leagues
07:49:22 Alyssa
She should have been tobi or had Cr, but I'mma let it slide since she's prlprl lol

I don't know how I'm gonna match her if she doesn't show me strength/weakness lol
Starleaf Stables
07:47:22 Flare <3
Starleaf Stables
07:47:07 Flare <3
Alyssa holy shit she gorgeous and have outstanding training!
Legacy Leagues
07:45:58 Alyssa
-HEE Click-

Ok. I was proud at first, but this is too much now lol
Lightning Stables
Same person as Jackson
Sorry my keyboard doesn't work smtimes s I can't put the o unless I bang the keybard
Starleaf Stables
07:41:48 Flare <3
Please spell out your words :)
yes I figured that out XD
Chocolate Rose
07:40:25 Rose
I know second on is the Filly
Oh nvm srry
First link broke
-HEE Click-
I tell myself I don't like grullos, but uh, she's a brindle so...I guess I'll keep her
Chocolate Rose
07:39:17 Rose
-HEE Click-
Chocolate Rose
07:38:58 Rose
I love this lady
-HEE Click-
Epsilon Acres
07:36:55 Eps
So excited to get to try these two in a few weeks x.x
-HEE Click-
07:35:10 Thunda/Cat/Mom
Yessss I'll take it -HEE Click-
Clear Springs
07:32:42 Froggie
Gold dun father--short for gold champagne dun. Amber dun is amber champagne dun in the next generation back.
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New Grey And Rabicano! October 29, 2020 05:56 PM

Former Stable
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The Rose Grey Dappled is lush...the Irish Draught Rabicano is also lush too <3 You guys do such a great job. I adore this game so much. I love this so much, dedication you have for this game is amazing <3 <3 <3 <3 You deserve a lot more credit than you get <3 <3 <3
New Grey And Rabicano! October 30, 2020 06:02 AM

Outlaw Horse Farm
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I like the second grey, but not the other ones.
New Grey And Rabicano! November 1, 2020 01:19 PM

Golden Hall Stables
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I got a new Rose Grey!

Edited at November 1, 2020 01:19 PM by Golden Hall Stables
New Grey And Rabicano! November 2, 2020 08:35 AM

Former Stable
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I love these coat colors

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