Stormsong Manor
08:11:57 Darth Ven
I heard a couple Kpop songs and didn't particularly care for them, but this one came up suggested on youtube and I listened to it. I actually love it
SweetFire Fields
08:11:23 Coffeeholic
I never understood KPop. Just not my type of music. Enjoy whatever music, but only dae risk it to come and join me in my hole of random-ass genres
08:10:46 Eventing
-HEE Click-
Stormsong Manor
08:10:17 Darth Ven
Alright, KPop people. You win. This Dynamite song is so happy that it makes me happy.
SweetFire Fields
08:10:05 Coffeeholic
This is it! I'm gonna start tracking training! Any tips?
08:08:23 puck
gorgeous emerald!
08:08:15 puck
I'd play a hamball board game
Legendary Stables
she does!! congrats Emerald!!!
08:06:46 Tea || Snaink
I don't know where board game came from. My head, I guess
08:06:25 Tea || Snaink
*not a sport
Emerald Grove Equine
Omg i think she has the new coat!
-HEE Click-
08:05:57 Tea || Snaink
gosh if someone made a game out of that I'd play it.
like a video game, not a board game xD
08:05:36 puck
08:05:18 Tea || Snaink
was it a polo hammy
SweetFire Fields
08:04:57 Coffeeholic
Okay, I'm glad but not glad.
08:04:55 Tea || Snaink
hammy soccer?
08:04:32 Tea || Snaink
it's hammyball.
08:04:29 puck
It lived, unfortunately. We had to deal with that thing for years xD
SweetFire Fields
08:04:01 Coffeeholic
Was that a 2-point shot? Or is this hammy baseball?
08:03:23 Tea || Snaink
and she scooooores!
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Capture Party On Thursday! January 14, 2021 06:11 PM

Whispering Wood Barn
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First time ever doing this and I been playing since Y64 😬 This is so fun!!! :) Good Luck To Everyone
Capture Party On Thursday! January 14, 2021 10:03 PM

Cadence Farms
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Time is called! Let's take a breather, Party People! Give me a few minutes to draw the winner!

Capture Party On Thursday! January 14, 2021 10:14 PM

Cadence Farms
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We have a Winner! Drum Roll Please......

The Grand Prize winner of the WEE Mare is....

Meridian #311290

Huge Congrats!!

Please PM me a link to the horse you would like converted. And let me know the discipline that you would like the W in.

Also! Congrats to everyone who participated tonight! Please do enjoy your rerolls.

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