Emmure Atreyu
can someone help me fit a banner? i cant get this to work for the life of me -.-
Ryshadium RIDs
11:31:47 InkSpren
Nice, Ashes!
Breezie Wubs
-HEE Click-
What do y'all think she will rate?
Sikoa Acres
Abstract Dunes
11:29:31 Abs
Congrats Ashes :)
11:27:47 Ashes
Hey Guys!
Check it Out! My FIRST Elite bravery. I hope her rating is just as good.
-HEE Click-
Fire and Ice
Oh your cute
-HEE Click-
Ravensgaard stables
11:22:47 Valkyrie Steeds and
Stormwatch Estates
11:03:15 Bally
Wrong account- meant to post on Brook Haven Farm
Stormwatch Estates
11:02:50 Bally
Looking for a new, more memorable stable name since I'm interested in making an art shop. Suggestions?
Jericho Stables
11:00:59 Wait, what?
I remember the days where I didn't have to show my geldings until they dropped 😂
Star Catcher Estate
11:00:54 Fleur|WBs
This is what happens when Fleur tries dapples. XD
Abstract Dunes
10:58:18 Abs
Yea I throw geldings on BM then forget about them and forget to replace them as they age out lol.
Cassa Belle
10:58:05 Jess/Cassa/Belle
can HEE be an interest or hobby for Scholarships? :')
Sikoa Acres
Thanks :)
Jericho Stables
10:57:23 Wait, what?
School master
Abstract Dunes
10:57:05 Abs
Schoolmaster, level 10 in all disciplines and no longer able to show.
Sikoa Acres
What is a SM gelding?
10:56:42 aero
If I need geldings, I stalk Eury’s sale barns xD
Jericho Stables
10:55:39 Wait, what?
I bought a ttttoooonnnnnn of geldings while I was out on maternity leave so they are all in similar age and training. So I don't breed enough to replace the hundreds I bought

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Capture Party On Thursday! January 15, 2018 08:23 AM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 2566

Want to win a rare Wild EEE Mare?

Join us Thursday Evening for a Capture Party!

Capture 100 wild horses and be entered into a drawing for a Wild EEE Mare!

Everyone who participates and captures 100 wild horses will receive 10 rerolls! Wow!

How To Participate
-Capture 100 horses during the Capture Party and hold onto them until the Party completes.
-You must have 100 freshly captured horses in your stable.
-Only horses captured during the party will count, if you capture them before or after the party, they won't count.
-If you capture more than 100 and want to release the extras, that is Ok.
Just be sure to hang onto 100 until after the drawing.

If you win, you will select one of your captures to be converted into a EEE mare.

This is a great opportunity to use shiny color tokens! You can capture any breed you like.
You can capture any gender you like, but the winning horse will be given a sex change to a mare if it is captured as a stallion.
Just be sure it is unbred and no straws are drawn.
If you are a runner up winner, you will receive 10 rerolls!


Thursday 3pm-10pm Gametime. The winners will be drawn at 10, and no you do not need to be online to claim your prize.

Get your Party On and win a rare Wild EEE Mare!
Capture Party On Thursday! January 15, 2018 04:32 PM

Sniper Ridge Stables
Posts: 3670
Whyyyy when i am broke...guess illbsee it next time :(
Capture Party On Thursday! January 15, 2018 05:45 PM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
Sounds great. I wish I had enough ebs for the capture party, and enough space.. but I never win anything anyways, so I'd be useless in a raffle. Good luck to those who participate :D
Capture Party On Thursday! January 15, 2018 07:54 PM

L.L.L Ranch
Posts: 8
I'd love to hold that many horses but no room haha so feel the pain there. I LOVE horses why I had to join. XD
Good luck Contestants who do participate :)
Capture Party On Thursday! January 15, 2018 08:35 PM
Fallen Oak Farms
Posts: 4
I'm hoping to be able to join the party this time!!! I'm so excited!
Capture Party On Thursday! January 15, 2018 11:34 PM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
I hope I can make it for the party! I wish luck to those who enter!
Capture Party On Thursday! January 16, 2018 05:35 AM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
Is Monday too early? I captured 12 horses and spent half my money...
Capture Party On Thursday! January 16, 2018 06:43 AM

Game Moderator
Posts: 3446
- Only horses captured during the party will count, if you capture them before or after the party, they won't count. Do not release the horses before Eve announced a winner

- Capturing 100 horses will cost you 300,000 ebs (Jungle), 75,000 ebs more if you want to rate them.

- Capture parties are held every three months. Now you know when you need to save up d'em ebs ;)

Edited at January 16, 2018 06:46 AM by Corazon
Capture Party On Thursday! January 16, 2018 08:40 AM

Dimrill Dale
Posts: 2580
Thanks, Cora! <3 Knowing the cost is really helpful!
Capture Party On Thursday! January 17, 2018 02:05 PM
Posts: 19
looks like i'll be joining in a few months

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