Amhain Dull Liath
10:33:03 Blonde Boy Zone
I dislike this "take a hint" stuff. If you like someone, go tell em. Stop waiting for them to come to you.
10:32:44 Did you miss me?
Do you think this will be a good match with a scope glass? -HEE Click-
Modern Stables
10:32:09 HRD
@ Mon most guys are clueless sometimes you have to spell it out for them.
Moncrief Eventing
10:30:34 Mon
Don't you love it when you text a guy for months and months, catch feelings, see him everyday and he never takes a hint?
Modern Stables
10:29:40 HRD
I’ll agree to that Mac.
Modern Stables
10:29:22 HRD
Whoops! Did not meant to double post!
McSmith Ranch
10:29:03 Mac | Thing 2
Market is crappier than it used to be.
Modern Stables
10:29:02 HRD
@Lumix ouch, I think I might try PON then, they are cute.
Anyone know how the market is for PONs? I do not want to get into something and the market be crappy lol.
Modern Stables
10:28:32 HRD
@Lumix ouch, I think I might try PON then, they are cute.
Anyone know how the market is for PONs? I do not want to get into something and the market be crappy lol.
Rockrose Equestrian
which breeds would you say are easiest?
Polaroid Acres
10:26:41 Lumix PON
Of course it's always the best xD and HRD, I literally just left RID after about four months because the best I got was PEP *shrug*
Amhain Dull Liath
10:25:23 Blonde Boy Zone
Love how my family got worried and came looking for me just because I didn't answer a text about food being ready. If that was any other message, they'd just say I'm ignoring it and forget lol
Modern Stables
10:23:53 HRD
I also thought about RID, but have heard that they are pretty hard to get good ratings in.
McSmith Ranch
10:20:41 Mac | Thing 2
I've never gotten a SH that's EEE out of PONs..I probably jinxed it now
Morning Glory Farms
10:20:11 Tericipatrivia/MGF
Isn't it the best when they just HAVE to be that one point of a HH to tall? Lol
Modern Stables
10:17:09 HRD
Even in games they are still little shits. 🤣
Polaroid Acres
10:16:59 Lumix PON
Especially this little one, couldn't be a PON lmao

-HEE Click-
Morning Glory Farms
10:16:04 Tericipatrivia/MGF
Pons are orney little shits lol
Modern Stables
10:13:17 HRD
Thinking of doing another breed on this account.
I have x/Wb on one account and x/AA on another. So I want something other than WB or AA.
I’m nothing of sport pony, what are they like? Are the hard? Which other breeds are fun to have?
Silver Falls/LL
10:08:33 Rosalie/Rose🌹
i need names.PM me please
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