Equine Angel Estates
08:39:09 Cool Beans :P
Thank you Wraith.
Wraithcry Farm
08:37:36 Crazy Cat Lady
My piece of advice is to ride different horses and learn what you go with best. I am leasing an old lady right now but she is still fire lol.
08:37:17 Legion
No, looks like I only have pictures of the two horses kept at the house and Onyx
Lone oak estate
I love stalking the mustang auctions. I'm hoping to compete in the EMM one day. Or at least adopt a yearling
Galaxie Equidae
08:36:31 Gala
Navarre was on the smaller side, like 15.3? His extended trot was so lush though.
08:36:25 Legion
I don't know if my step-dad has any recent ones on his FB or not. His BM/trainer is very catty, had a falling out with another trainer, and stopped getting invited to shows. Usual show drama
White Hills
08:35:52 WH or Hills
I flip flop between window shopping for mustangs everytime there's a new online auction and KNNs, I found a few breeders in the US and Canada and they are *gorgeous*
Infinite Stallion
08:35:48 Horsy
-HEE Click-
Blue Grass stable RP Sign Ups!
08:35:38 Legion
..Which goes back to her insulin resistance. She's already nearly had colic surgery because of it, too.
Heritage Hall
08:35:06 Carra / ColorQuality
Do you have a picture of this pretty lady, Eury?
Superlative Equine
-Click- This is my 11 year old.
08:34:47 Legion
I think Denali is 17h something. My step-dad is 6' and she makes him look small. Beautiful mare, but I'm constantly hearing about her health issues E_e presently, she's been lame for the past two weeks due to a suspected abscess
Equine Angel Estates
08:34:18 Cool Beans :P
Well im no where ready for a horse..but ive been trying to educate myself for future refernce and because i love learning about equines and getting other peoples thoughts and opinions from experience rather than from a book all the rime.
Superlative Equine
My 11 year old, being an Appendix, being the grandson Secretariat, is so picky on what he eats.
Galaxie Equidae
08:33:23 Gala

This is the dude I showed back in 2014? He was pretty cool. So freaking wide compared to the half arabs and saddlebreds I was used to lmao.
Wraithcry Farm
08:33:00 Crazy Cat Lady
I love looking at Friesans but the ones my friends have have some serious health issues. I wouldnÂ’t want to own one. But they are gorgeous
White Hills
08:32:54 WH or Hills
Not sure if this is what you're looking for but I know this place cause it's sort of near my parents house
08:32:10 Legion
Denali is a great mare, but feeding her is stupidly expensive because she's insulin resistant. So, special feed, hay, supplements, etc
Heritage Hall
08:32:02 Carra / ColorQuality
Definitely a thoroughbred, Cool Beans. But honestly, as a beginner, I wouldn't recommend trying to purchase a horse right now.
Wraithcry Farm
08:31:30 Crazy Cat Lady
They are the best for endurance and it is what my instructor has. She breeds them for endurance so one should pop up eventually lol
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