MakeEm Fancy
02:50:58 Ally 🌺
I felt the same way
:( blamed myself for the longest time and still struggle with it!
Mount Your Horse
and when he started to jump and they where in the same class all was quite and she was cantering on the wrong lead and you hear "Your on the wrong lead!"
02:50:00 Tea
Me and Zippy <3
I like horses at about 16hh, they're the perfect size for me
Spirtasi Whims
02:49:50 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
I would say out of any sport Horseriding and Hockey/Figurskating are probably the most dangerous. And the people who are in those sports are the most insane lol
Stormsong Manor
02:49:39 Darth Ven
I struggled with feeling like a failure. That and I couldn't nurse. There are a ton of mom-shamers out there and I have a tough skin but still had some depression over it.
02:49:24 Tea
My mom also tried to teach my dad to ride xD
MakeEm Fancy
02:48:57 Ally 🌺
There is only so much one woman can handle. Im glad you guys are alive and healthy! @ven
Mount Your Horse
our TB was for our dad when him and our mom first started dating... he was 17.2 mom had been riding all her life, he had never been around a horse before, and then boom she's like "Heres your horse get on his back! I'll teach you to jump in no time!" and when he was still learning to jump her horse refused a gate and she broke her shoulder and was like "Yep yep i'm fine! you keep riding!'
Stormsong Manor
02:47:37 Darth Ven
So did my mother. That's why I decided to try the same. But everyone is different. Learned that the hard way
MakeEm Fancy
02:46:47 Ally 🌺
My sister had an almost 10lb baby naturally O.o
Rosewater Eventing
02:46:41 Rose/Bailey
Can a pallete expert pm me? I have a question! : )
Stormsong Manor
02:45:54 Darth Ven
I had to consult a maternal fetal specialist to make sure he wasn't too big for me to deliver naturally, which was the plan. They cleared me for delivery. They shouldn't have because my labor would not progress and we both would have died if not for the c-section.
Mount Your Horse
wow he was big!
02:44:21 Tea
I'm lucky my horse is an easy keeper. Doesn't need shoes, hasn't been lame a day in his life, pretty dang stocky. He's a clumsy jumper but he's dreamy to ride...
MakeEm Fancy
02:44:11 Ally 🌺
Layla was hella expensive.
Stormsong Manor
02:43:57 Darth Ven
My son was full term but I was on a pitocin drip for about 36 hours, had my cervix softened, membranes stripped, and received supplemental oxygen on two different occasions... before an emergency c-section. He was 9 lb 2.3 oz
Mount Your Horse
I have a feeling our old TB gelding who passed in 2019 was once a stallion who may or may not have bred because he tore down a fence to get to a mare
Mount Your Horse
oof Stormsong i'm guessing I was pricey as well due to being a twin, a C section and being 1 1/2 pounds when born
River Bend Stables
02:41:48 River
-HEE Click- Chocolate Horse
7 years ago, I bought a stallion who was a 2 time reserve halter champion at the PHBA world show. He was 16 years old and we only paid $1000 for him. He was the nicest stallion to be around, great to handle, and easy keeping, but he hated the cold winters here, so we sold him to someone in Texas.
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Been away for a bit and now I'm back. Can't seem to find where to go to rate horse's bravery. Help.
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You can find out a horses bravery by selecting the horse in Explore. Once the horse spooks for the first time, it reveals what its bravery is. Hope this helps!
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Your horse needs to be at least 2 years old in order to go explore

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