Goat Mama
07:08:33 Breezie / Goat
Ya capturing is fun and all, but even with the boost, I only got good captures with maps 😅

Only 10 captures a month seems like a good plan Al 🤔 I need to take a page from your book 😂
Sunstone Elite
07:00:53 Sun/Sunny
She's super nice Zippy :)

That makes sense AL :P
Neverland Estates
07:00:40 Zippy
Thanks :D Pretty pleased with her!
Looking Glass Stable
06:59:23 Won the Game
Ooh, and she has Vitiligo! What a lucky catch, Zippy! Congrats (:
Just Chaos
06:59:00 AL
New blood and not next big LB horse
Lilac Garden
06:58:44 This is Hill | Lilac
Zippy she is beautiful
Neverland Estates
06:58:03 Zippy
I got this and my finger is trigger happy to screw money for matches next RO and capture with maps lol
-HEE Click-
Just Chaos
06:57:52 AL
That way I can use some maps and try to get some new blood in my stable without going nuts
Looking Glass Stable
06:57:31 Won the Game
Agh I'm sorry to hear that, Sunny D:
Sunstone Elite
06:56:51 Sun/Sunny
I think that's a good goal.
Just Chaos
06:56:10 AL
I think I will stick to my monthly 10 captures and nothing more from now on
Sunstone Elite
06:55:33 Sun/Sunny
On capture day*
Sunstone Elite
06:54:59 Sun/Sunny
Ahaha, they won't be going anywhere over here anytime soon either xD After not getting any W+ combos with the massive amount of maps and boosts I used, I have no further interest in capturing again.
violets flora
sure thats fine
violets flora
sorry for double
Just Chaos
06:54:07 AL
I won't be completing those in 10 years or so Sunny LOL
Lilac Garden
06:54:07 This is Hill | Lilac
Can I friend you so I can message you quick and easy?
violets flora
ah oki if hes for breeding 144 let meh know
Lilac Garden
06:53:38 This is Hill | Lilac
Ok will do!
Sunstone Elite
06:53:14 Sun/Sunny
Trade with me AL. I have the PEE combo, capture 100, and capture 400 :X
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i have to geld 25 horses so if you have some can you send them to me and i can geld them?
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How much would you pay for each stallion?
geld horses quest April 6, 2021 09:31 AM
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i would give them back for your showing stock or you could buy them back for like 10 ebs or 1k and i would give ebs back! but 1k

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