Sunstone Elite
07:42:35 Sun/Sunny
But you're right Breezie, I would say I am deserving of some arts right about now xD
Wildfire Stables
Nevermind, it worked. I must have mistyped, sorry about that!
Sunstone Elite
07:42:03 Sun/Sunny
No :P
Jellos Warmbloods
07:41:48 Giggles Wubs
Also always on art stalk. 😅🤣
Just Chaos
07:41:36 AL
Have you bid on any horses in auctions?
Sunstone Elite
07:40:45 Sun/Sunny
I am always watching for the arts >:)
Wildfire Stables
Wildfire Stables
That's werid..I tried to send 140k for an upgrade but it said insufficient funds to make transaction. I have 143k..that's weird.
Wildfire Stables
That's werid..I tried to send 140k for an upgrade but it said insufficient funds to make transaction. I have 143k..that's weird.
Looking Glass Stable
07:39:41 Won the Game
Awe lovely set, Vincenzo! (:
Moon Shadow Ranch
07:38:17 Vincenzo
New set :D Timbie is so good at art :)
Goat Mama
07:38:11 Breezie / Goat
Oooh finishing finals definitely deserves artsies
Looking Glass Stable
07:34:05 Won the Game
-HEE Click-

Thank god he's up all wk4
Just Chaos
07:30:27 AL
Do it Sunny, buy the artsies
Sunstone Elite
07:28:57 Sun/Sunny
Dang Cora but I've been so good lately :( I need some "I'm done with finals" art and then I'll buy my svens 😌
Sunstone Elite
07:28:14 Sun/Sunny
My birthday is November 14th :P
Valentyn Colors
07:23:42 * Hades ain't here
Hehe my ADD do not like science class
Just Chaos
07:20:24 AL
I'm trying to balance svens and art but my rid account get all these chestnuts so art art art
Very Wise Grape
07:19:54 a very sugary grape
good lord for cant english
Looking Glass Stable
07:19:32 Won the Game
Agh I'm finally caught up on my tracking and can finally do Week 4s! Thank god lol
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Comments. . . April 8, 2021 12:46 PM

Ocean View QH
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So, I noticed some stables I visit, I don't see a link of find a link to click on my comment button. Both of them, I was on my own palette, With fancy pop out links and stuff.
Before that, I'd made a comment on Misha's page, and he pmed me and said that he thanked me for the comment, but that he couldn't comment on my page.
I'm wondering why this has been happening.
Comments. . . April 8, 2021 01:00 PM

Jellos Warmbloods
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I am able to comment on your page!
But each stable has the option to turn commenting off. So maybe you have just run across stables who have their comments off?
Comments. . . April 8, 2021 03:38 PM

Jericho Stables
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I can comment on your page
Comments. . . April 10, 2021 06:51 AM

Ocean View QH
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Okay. . . I know everyone else can but I still don't get why Misha couldn't but he could pm me. . .

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