Artemis Moon
Hi TFB :)
Equestrians dreams
10:08:03 MJ
Ok thanks good thing I asked first lol
Jericho Stables
It is not allowed to randomly message people to join clubs, purchase horses, etc
Moonrose Mountains
10:07:02 Diva
No you can't pm randomly to players asking to join, that's spamming. You may advertise in Sales and on forums
Equestrians dreams
10:05:50 MJ
I was wound if you could pm people?
Moonstone Acres
I believe you can only do that in sales chat.
10:04:39 Legion
Unsolicited, yeah, since it's advertising.
Moonstone Acres
MJ - Through PMs?
Moonrose Mountains
10:04:30 Diva
You may do that only in Sales chat
Equestrians dreams
10:03:09 MJ
Is it against the rules to send people a club link to join?
The Family Business
09:57:54 Overlord of Monday
Level 3 race is up
~ Hades ~
09:51:22 Queen Of Fpoons
Destination : permanent vacation 🙃
The Family Business
09:49:31 Overlord of Monday
Awwww so cute
The Family Business
09:48:52 Overlord of Monday
The Family Business
09:48:45 Overlord of Monday
Stable Raif is up
Rockin Rae Elites
09:46:22 KR
Thank you STG
SGT Reckless Stables
09:45:53 Reckless
@KR so cute !
09:41:54 Legion
x) I nearly missed the roan on him lol
Purple Pegasus Farm
09:38:06 Graceful
Thanks Eury.
Rockin Rae Elites
09:37:15 KR
Meet Paisley Rae and Bailey B

They are toy Aussies and both 4 years old. Paisley is super loyal and I’ve had her since she was 6weeks old and a friend didn’t want bailey anymore so I took her in about 2 years ago.

So I used the clippers for the first time yesterday and I gave them a bath and they got brushed and all pretty so what do y’all think?
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