New Moon Stables
08:50:32 SunnyDay
ThatÂ’s amazing! Congrats
Charmed Acres
08:49:47 Charm/Charmie
-HEE Click-
Why you little sasshole >:(
08:47:59 Asia/Love
Im dead. Summer School has killed me.
New Moon Stables
08:47:18 SunnyDay
-HEE Click-
Volcanic Ashes
08:45:38 Seaweed Spurts
I love stalking the LB and finding a horse from my SA xD I didnt know she was even on there
Vvardenfall Estates
08:44:10 Vvar/Tig/Starzy
Oh hes cute love his little snip
Volcanic Ashes
08:42:56 Seaweed Spurts
forgot link lmao
-HEE Click-
Volcanic Ashes
08:42:39 Seaweed Spurts
Yay hes not as big a disappointment as I was expecting
Vvardenfall Estates
08:42:34 Vvar/Tig/Starzy
It has been done lol
~ Hades ~
08:41:24 Queen Of Fpoons
My reading site has stopped working
Lucky Ranch
08:41:01 Licky 🍇
Thank you 😂
Vvardenfall Estates
08:40:52 Vvar/Tig/Starzy
Lucky you are a genius 😂
Lucky Ranch
08:39:51 Licky 🍇
Lucky Ranch
08:39:36 Licky 🍇
Bikini Stealer
Vvardenfall Estates
08:39:06 Vvar/Tig/Starzy
-HEE Click- im stumped anyone got names for this cutie?
Lucky Ranch
08:38:12 Licky 🍇
~ Hades ~
08:37:33 Queen Of Fpoons
Next minute it's not a leech and just a slightly squished slug
Duh duh duh
Lucky Ranch
08:36:29 Licky 🍇
Oh we have a good amount of rubbing alcohol, that should work. Thanks for the help everyone :)
Castlewood Canyon
Pouring rubbing alcohol on it kills it. So does salt
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