Courtlee Ranch
09:26:10 Court
I need to make art. There's a lot i need to do in general. XD

Aww sorry, Hayzy.
09:24:43 NeEd MorE DaPPleS
Oh that's a shame! I take it you still have some of his descendants somewhere?
K-M Stables
09:24:38 K-M Quarter Horses
Anyone else love coming up with fun names for all the yearlings during RO?
Hayzed Pastures
Oh yay >.> my favoooorite person is at the office today.
Dirty Paws
09:23:24 ♘Tosk
Haha :D Makes some arts ~ That's my kind of productivity
Courtlee Ranch
09:22:57 Court
Bummed my OB appointment got moved, and i didnt get enough sleep, but otherwise I'm okay. Wish i had more energy to be productive. XD
-HEE Click-
I only bred this boy for a quest but I absolutely love him
Dirty Paws
09:21:32 ♘Tosk
I'm alright :D Trying to save my semester x.x
What about you?
Aspen Fire ES
09:21:31 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
That's good, yesterday I lost two more horses on this account, one of them was Prince's first offspring so I'm still kinda sad about that 😅
Sweetwater Creek
How do I increase the amount to rain dances listed on in my hay pasture
Courtlee Ranch
09:20:28 Court
Hi! ^_^ Besides puffy-eyed, how are you?
09:20:22 NeEd MorE DaPPleS
A little bored,but im catching up on my sleep xD And my account looks a little neater after its clean out. xP
09:19:55 Or am I Lib?
Good luck Equine Angel! And Eagle. 😷
Dirty Paws
09:19:33 ♘Tosk
Oh hai Court :D
K-M Stables
09:19:26 K-M Quarter Horses
I got two brindles this rollover, by the same stud too
River Hill Stables
09:19:24 Ringo
-HEE Click- What do you think he will Rate
Courtlee Ranch
09:18:59 Court
Probably not, Tosk, but you never know. Haha Sorry about the allergies. >_<
New Eagle Equine
09:18:54 Eagle 🎨
I have to leave the house today. Wish me luck guys!
Equine Angel Estates
09:18:51 Cool Beans :P
Well I appreciate all the help guys i really do! Im gonna do more research and see what i can get myself into for the future. yall have been the biggest helps!
Aspen Fire ES
09:18:35 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
I'm doing good Flipper :3 How are you?
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