Ranch Lands Training
09:38:42 Lilly/PON Addict
Sorry if I got defensive. This is extremely stressful and with my knee I am no help and it is not helping at all. I just spent 10 days thinking she was stolen, or stuck somewhere with a broken leg suffering and it was all my fault. I am so glad we found her (on our property) and have such amazing vets who are working really hard with her right now.
McSmith Ranch
09:37:51 Mac | Thing 2
Okay let's not start anything.
Ranch Lands Training
09:36:58 Lilly/PON Addict
We have 11 other mares and they are all doing fine and you can look at my Instagram to see recent pictures if you want
Jericho Stables
It sounded very accusatory to me. So lets not nit pick.
Angels angels
09:36:09 *has 600+ brindles*
I wasn't getting nasty I was just saying I'm sorry
Al Khamsa
09:35:52 Khamma Main Account
Angel, a horse gone 10 days who knows where and just had a baby would lose weight fast. She has to feed the baby. Mares with foals have to eat good quality forage to maintain weight.
Ranch Lands Training
09:35:30 Lilly/PON Addict
Yes the hooves are long that is something we are working on bit the weight is in fact a 10 day lose. She is extremely lethargic as well.
Jericho Stables
Lets not get nasty folks.
Jericho Stables
If a mare is nursing and isn't eating a lot it isn't out of the realm of possibility for her to drop weight fast in almost two weeks.
Ranch Lands Training
09:34:49 Lilly/PON Addict
Ya we are at the vet trying to figure out what is wrong. So far I am thinking Colic, but pulled though and is dehydrated, clover poisoning, or since she has some swelling in my back leg she tripped and fell and has been not feeling great.
09:34:42 Kuro
If only you could have had a blue eye :/ Still love you though
-HEE Click-

Near appys are going to be the death of me
Wintergreen Gardens
09:34:22 Winter
Im so glad they are back!!
Angels angels
09:34:10 *has 600+ brindles*
That looks like alot more than 10 days work
Those hooves are way way to long and can't lose that much weight that fast??
Wintergreen Gardens
09:33:14 Winter
You found them?!?
09:33:10 puck
oh wow thank goodness y'all found her
Double C Stables
09:33:02 DC :D
oh gosh glad theyre okay lilly
Ranch Lands Training
09:32:14 Lilly/PON Addict
-Click- Missing for 10 days and shows up like this :( The foal is healthy though
Jericho Stables
Only spent like 1.2 mill on maps to get him XD
Dark Walkers
09:31:58 Onyx
I shall be right back <3
Montova Acres
09:31:53 Mon
Wow Jeri! I'm beyond jelly
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