White Hills
09:54:26 WH or Hills
My pupper is a Pit x terrier mix probably and his parents dog is a pit x great dane or lab maybe. So Toby's much shorter and he just rides along with his paws on his back and monches his ear
09:52:55 Nyx
I know my olde english bulldogge (its a weird way to spell it) was huge and was super wrinkly and we were constantly cleaning out her ears to prevent infections. My schnauzer would always run up to her and pull on her neck rolls and shake them really hard but, they were always just playing and my bulldogge was never hurt by it. She also had a docked tail to prevent spinal issues and my schnauzer had cropped ears and a docked tail.
Flying With Eagles
09:52:17 Flingy
Oreo literally makes the best face when Fletcher chews on him xD
Flying With Eagles
09:52:01 Flingy
Fletcher nibbles on everything. His toys, himself, Oreo...
Ryshadium RIDs
09:51:25 InkSpren
That mental picture makes me laugh, Hills.
Shattered Moon
09:51:03 Isabel
Luckily our lab hasn't gotten any ear infections yet XD
Flying With Eagles
09:49:50 Flingy
Oh yeah, Fletcher had a nasty ear infection when we found him. He's a Plott Hound.
White Hills
09:49:15 WH or Hills
My dog is best friends with my boyfriends parents dog, and he monches on his ears constantly when they're playing. Doesn't make them bleed though
Flying With Eagles
09:48:57 Flingy
I dunno man, I've just got two pitiful dogs who won't step foot outside. Hoping that Fletcher doesn't crap in his crate tonight lol
Jericho Stables
Because of how their ears fold over. Labs, retrievers, etc
Morning Glory Farms
09:48:27 Tericipatrivia/MGF
We crop ears and tails on the working dogs because we don't need them being stepped on by a cow and breaking a tail/ripping an ear off
Jericho Stables
Hound dogs are prone to ear infections
Jellos Warmbloods
09:47:31 Giggles Wubs
Some breed standards also call for cropped ears because the dogs natural ear anatomy tends to lend itself to constant ear infections. :)
09:46:22 Nyx
Also people who train guard dogs typically crop ears and dock tails so people can't grab onto them either. I know that dobermans typically have the military crop unless they are shown
Shattered Moon
09:42:12 Isabel
Shattered Moon
09:42:02 Isabel
Yeah, ears bleed so much, even if its just a tiny stretch XD
Flying With Eagles
09:41:22 Flingy
Meh. Fletcher dripped blood all over the house before we noticed the tiny nick :'D

Oreo's bled a lot more on Sunday, it looked like a crime scene for real.
Shattered Moon
09:41:10 Isabel
That's why people who fight dogs crop their ears
Shattered Moon
09:40:28 Isabel
When dogs fight they pretty much always go for the ears lol
Flying With Eagles
09:38:58 Flingy
They're probably getting revenge on whoever tore Oreo's ear open last Sunday. >.>

Whatever dog or dogs they're fighting likes to go for the ears, apparently. They'll be leash-only for a while until they decide that fighting isn't fun.
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