08:18:56 Gala
I'm terrible about rereading texts on phones before sending them to friends. My friends have just learned to decipher them and ignore there is some random word like spatula in the middle of a sentence about a squirrel.
Star Catcher Estate
08:18:38 Fleursie|Felru|Flav
Thank youuu XD
Amhain Dull Liath
08:17:53 Blonde Boy Zone
I will take many notes
Star Catcher Estate
08:17:35 Fleursie|Felru|Flav
Oh man
Drunk Mac-isms!?!?!
How can I miss this ;_;
Mishy, you better keep me updated
McSmith Ranch
08:16:35 Mac | Thing 2
Usually it's not because I'm tipsy..this time it could be.
Freedom Elites
08:16:09 Freedom
Oh don’t worry XD I typo so much i have learned to read even the worst gibberish lol
Moonland Ranch
08:15:53 Moony, Moon.
I'm listening to this 😂 -Click-
Star Catcher Estate
08:15:46 Fleursie|Felru|Flav
Oh man
I'm gonna miss the Mac-isms? Damn
McSmith Ranch
08:15:07 Mac | Thing 2
I can't guarantee that trivia will be um..typo free lol
Sunset Grove Farm
08:14:52 gertrude
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
+ int. Glass

Very nervous for these
Moonland Ranch
08:14:41 Moony, Moon.
Hayzed Pastures
To go on a spree at ulta's website. Or to be a good girl and not >_>
Quarter Moon Ranch
08:12:50 crunch
Totally irrelevant to the topic the chat is currently on, but im a little salty about all the memes on this song. Its so sad :(
Freedom Elites
08:12:40 Freedom
-HEE Click-
*Sweats nervously*
Ladybird Estate
08:11:47 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
I've never had river in my name... Ever
I've only ever been raven before... You may be mistaking me for someone else because I can't find th at art anywhere in my storage and I never delete art
My Way
08:11:38 Ace
how y'all doing?
Star Catcher Estate
08:11:04 Fleursie|Felru|Flav
Thank you Mishy <3
Skye's Paradise
08:10:22 Pickle
Good idea Mac
The Joker
08:10:00 Knight of Ootensils
Oooh they match so well :D That satisfies my inner OCD -HEE Click-
McSmith Ranch
08:09:45 Mac | Thing 2
Let's move on before this starts an argument.
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