Pinned Up Ponies
She's a beaut w/a W to boot! lol
Hayzed Pastures
Dimmers ❤️
Wings Of Glory
07:33:53 O Great Potato Wing
I dont even have finger prints right [email protected]@
Equity Falls
07:33:44 Dimmed | KNN
Yesss I rolled her once and got liver
Hollow Tree Acres
07:33:43 Crazy Goat Lady
Holy frick Dim 0.o
07:33:37 Mia
What does she look like Wings
Ben Hur Stables
07:33:09 PUP/Snicklefritz
Oooooh Dim! Her color!!! I love the liver!
Wings Of Glory
07:33:06 O Great Potato Wing
I can barely touch anything it sucks:/ she was a good girl after though
Wings Of Glory
07:32:22 O Great Potato Wing
I board at the local fairgrounds
Lucky Ranch
07:32:10 Grapey II Eggs
Oh let them burn in hell. Boys with no manners are the worst. So sorry for your hands...and then poor mare. Must have terrified her
Equity Falls
07:32:09 Dimmed | KNN

-HEE Click-
Oh my 😍
Hollow Tree Acres
07:31:49 Crazy Goat Lady
You could probably report them if they were on private property or weren't members of that barn. Plus the caused an injury.
Wings Of Glory
07:31:05 O Great Potato Wing
Shes a 15.2hh mustang that is solid muscle it's like trying to stop a car with a rope
Equity Falls
07:31:03 Dimmed | KNN
Okay so how does this near leopard shit work? If I reroll it will it turn to normal leopard?
Silver Galaxy Ranch
07:30:40 Sean/SGR
I'm sorry Wings! Whoever that was is quite rude.
Wings Of Glory
07:30:16 O Great Potato Wing
They laughed and drove off I hate boys from my school
Pinned Up Ponies
Good! :D
Lucky Ranch
07:29:47 Grapey II Eggs
oh ouch! ><
What an ass that person was
Khatovar KNNs
07:29:41 InkSpren
Doing well.
Wings Of Glory
07:29:14 O Great Potato Wing
My hands hurt so bad someone decided to spook my horse when I was lunging her by driving a four wheeler into the arena and revving it at the same time and she took off and I have really bad rope burn
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