Helicon Show Horses
01:47:27 Helicon
Who's excited for RO? I have three matches. Slightly debating the item for the third match. The other two are svens
Lucky Ranch
01:45:34 Lucky
yes. the packs name was green. so i think it was a mod
Ink Splash
01:44:27 Splash || Sansy
The WP Mods, aren't their names in green?
Lucky Ranch
01:44:06 Lucky
what do you mean?
Ink Splash
01:43:33 Splash || Sansy
But... aren't their names green?
Lucky Ranch
01:43:05 Lucky
erm...i could be wrong LOL but the name was green.
Morning Glory Farms
01:41:26 Tericipatrivia/MGF
How did you not known it was a mod? Aren't they a different colour like HEE mods??..
Lucky Ranch
01:36:58 Lucky
lol i meant to say this earlier: on eves wolf game, i accidentally started schooling a mod on rules...LOL i didnt realize it was a mod.

and totally different subject: there was a fire at school!
Lucky Ranch
01:32:45 Lucky
no i know what you mean lol. i just love how you said, "its horriffic" and, "the rest is trash" XDD
Shalom Shire Stable
01:32:43 Shal
I have to concur, still down in week 6 is a problem :(
Stormsong Manor
01:31:41 Ven
When people ask for opinions, I think it's beneficial to be honest lol
Lucky Ranch
01:31:01 Lucky
lol ven says it like she sees it XD
Stormsong Manor
01:28:31 Ven
Her training is kind of horrific. The W7 and W8 were good but the rest is trash
Stoney Acres
01:26:46 gucci mane in 2006
-HEE Click-
Do yall think she could become a good producer? I think her first foal was from poor matching lol
blondys paradise
01:23:18 blondy
@shal yes I do keep training them all every week.
Shalom Shire Stable
01:21:11 Shal
It's up to you how many weeks you do, some people only do 8, I prefer more because as time goes on you can see more. Gelding or cs-ing will affect it though. Also sd and ad so you can only compare ones who are trained the same as each other. I always train all mine ad so then I know I can compare them.
blondys paradise
01:19:10 blondy
got it! thanks for the help!
01:19:06 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Uhm, in his case to w11-12 since you don't know how training was to begin with
blondys paradise
01:17:44 blondy
@Ceci thanks! how many weeks do you do that before training is complete?
Shalom Shire Stable
01:17:22 Shal
Each time you train, you write down the wk and the levels of each trait. Like this
-HEE Click-
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Forums > Member Help > What's He Worth?

   ABLB/ highISHLB studs and WWW mare January 2, 2020 11:58 PM

Mythical Meadows
Posts: 740
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How much should the straw and LC price of these two boys be?

EEW, multi EEE producer

#98 ABLB, #12 ISHLB
WEE, multi EEE producer

How much should this girls brood be?

WWW, went all week 8

Edited at January 20, 2020 04:37 AM by Mythical Meadows
ABLB/ highISHLB studs and WWW mare January 3, 2020 02:33 PM

*Stable of Jewels*
Posts: 359
Not really familiar with the stallions, but for the mare I think you could start her brood at 400-500k :)
ABLB/ highISHLB studs and WWW mare January 3, 2020 08:00 PM

Stormsong Manor
Game Moderator
Posts: 4006
I can't see a WWW brood starting at anything under a million.
ABLB/ highISHLB studs and WWW mare January 3, 2020 08:38 PM

Idle Lane Farms
Posts: 3359

*Stable of Jewels* said:
Not really familiar with the stallions, but for the mare I think you could start her brood at 400-500k :)

I agree with this price for an SB only because the mare seems to be RF and is ISH. Her dam has a poor production record and is only EEE. 4/4 up week 4 is good for a WWW but not stellar compared to most WWW training. Just my opinion.
ABLB/ highISHLB studs and WWW mare January 3, 2020 09:41 PM

Mythical Meadows
Posts: 740
Okay, thanks for the help!

Forums > Member Help > What's He Worth?

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