08:41:51 puck
at least you know to treasure your time with her. i feel like a lot of these things take us by surprise and we never slow down and really enjoy them while they're here <3
Blue moon mountain
08:41:19 Blue
I'm finally at 200k on this account. But I have no matches planned 😂
Zippy Love Equine
Thanks, Timbie. We're all in shock because her last scan was totally clear, but we're doing our best to just make this the best holiday season humanly possible while we still have her. <3
Zippy Love Equine
Urgh I wish you could tell more clearly that she's a snowcap given that's what I was hoping she'd be, but she's still cute.
-HEE Click-
Timber Canyon
08:36:26 Timbie
Love ya'll too though.
Timber Canyon
08:36:19 Timbie
Jeez Zippy, so sorry to hear. I hope you and your family are well.
08:36:16 Legion
I just realized how many pictures of Ripley and Niles I have on my phone x_x
Double C Stables
08:35:29 DC :D
how short does a SH have to be to throw PON typically?
Cando Farm
08:33:51 Lil l Cando l Canlil
Thanks all :)
Though on a happier note. I got a sweatshirt i paid 75 dollars finally came after a month XD
Zippy Love Equine
So sorry, Timbie. My grandmother just got diagnosed with relapsed pancreatic cancer that has now metastisized to her lungs and that's my biggest fear, seeing her like that. </3
Purple Pegasus Farm
08:33:40 Purp/PPF
We love you Timbie. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. <3
Silver Galaxy Ranch
08:33:21 Sean | Trip | SGR
I’m sorry timbie, you too cando.
Timber Canyon
08:33:08 Timbie
Appreciate it friends - she is no longer is pain/suffering, taking solace in that
Misty Streams
08:32:54 Misty
I'm so sorry Timbie
08:32:50 puck
cando you too. :( so sorry
Timber Canyon
08:32:40 Timbie
Good grief girl. Im also sorry. Hope you're doing as well as you're able to be
08:32:40 Gem
I’m so sorry Timb! Sending lots of love and hugs 😔❤️
White Hills
08:32:28 WH or Hills
That's awful Timbie, I'm so sorry
08:32:25 puck
oh timbie... I'm so sorry </3
Cando Farm
08:32:20 Lil l Cando l Canlil
Aww, Im sorry. That must suck. I lost my mother a few weeks ago also.
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Elysium Opalus FTU Lineart Gallery November 21, 2020 08:13 PM

Elysium Opalus
Posts: 672
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I was suggested to make a shop for some of the FTU linearts I make even though I rarely make them so if I made a shop it would be odd because its probably going to have like one Lineart and zero updates or something lol idk

I'd rather people not comment here a lot unless absolutely necessary- just read the rules and download your linearts and have fun

The Rules are pretty simple it's basically common sense and decency but purpleprose
i maed deez © is me
not for MS paint. not for just bucket tooling. please do not trace over them if you use them.
these are supposed to be transparent files and non-ms line lineart
dont edit the lineart. again please don't trace over them for any reason if you use them. they're pretty simple linearts but I'll make other kinds of fish horses later.
i don't remember what size these guys are you are free to resize slightly
ftu with credits.
adopts yes. bio yes. OCs yes. HEE horse if you can yes. any EB price that was my plan but I guess I'm too lazy
you can use outside of HEE but consider using the version with my out of HEE credits
FTU means free to use, with consideration to all the above

Edited at November 21, 2020 08:24 PM by Elysium Opalus
Elysium Opalus FTU Lineart Gallery November 21, 2020 08:17 PM

Elysium Opalus
Posts: 672
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Hippocampus / Kelpie FTU Lineart
Message for out of HEE use

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