Vixen Creek
01:20:06 Vixie
On my first lesson back in 2 years they also put me on a horse that bucks every other stride in the canter if you sit instead of half-seat. Thankfully i have extra strength butt glue I have never fallen off a horse in 14 years :P
Skye's Paradise
01:19:56 Pickle
Oh my. What kind of heart surgery Duck?
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:19:29 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Do you have a crash vest she could borrow?
Bluebax Manor
01:18:37 Killer Hummingbird
Is it a coincidence that I bought some peach tea to bring today? No, no it is not. I've given her warnings so now all I can do is watch lol
Vixen Creek
01:18:28 Vixie
20 years is an hell of a long time D: I once stopped riding for 2 years and went back into it and it definitely took a while to get back into the swing of things. Now I haven't ridden in 4 years, I'm going to be sore for days xD
01:17:35 Ducky

Thank you! I'm having heart surgery done tomorrow.
Wolfs Ire
01:17:34 Fawn
Is that when you just sit back and watch while drinking some tea?
MakeEm Fancy
01:17:21 Ally 🌺
They are removing the side of the toenail and killing it basically so i dont have anymore ingrowns. They keep coming back @vixie
Bluebax Manor
01:16:18 Killer Hummingbird
Yeah, I've warned her she's thrown me a couple times (my mom swears I have glue on my breeches) but she thinks she's still got it...
Jacobs Irish Mash
01:16:06 Jacob
Thats one way to remove the matriarch.
Vixen Creek
01:15:28 Vixie
That should be ... interesting Bluebax xD
Bluebax Manor
01:14:47 Killer Hummingbird
My mom insists on riding my 6 year old insane mare today...will update on how it goes, she hasn't ridden in over 20 years
Vixen Creek
01:14:43 Vixie
Oh dang Ally. I only needed to get one toe done on one side done. Are you having the skin removed or the toenail removed?
Circle Star RIDs
01:14:28 Granny C
Ally - will you have the toenail removed ?
MakeEm Fancy
01:13:01 Ally 🌺
Im going to have to have both of my big toes done sooner or later <.> im having my right one done today @vixie
Star Bright
01:12:58 MacN'Cheesey
Currently cursing that 'younger' me never did any tracking on my mares
Vixen Creek
01:12:18 Vixie
Omg Ally I just had surgery 2 weeks ago to fix my ingrown toenail lol
oaks spring
01:11:56 call me karma
good luck.
hope it goes well.
Honey Maple Ranch
01:11:54 Honey
I still love the new roan so I will take it and lace for sure!
River Bend Stables
01:11:50 EWW Hoarder
Love the New Varnish
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