BreezieM30w RIDs
08:42:59 Breeze/Dimple
*heart eyes* his tail is so pretty! Rasta's gets pretty long too, but his doesn't drag just yet XD
Carmack Stables
08:42:49 Carjack
For this reason, in modern usage, "Holstein" is used to describe North or South American stock and its use in Europe, particularly in the North. "Friesian" denotes animals of a traditional European ancestry, bred for both dairy and beef use. Crossesbetween the two are described by the term "Holstein-Friesian".

Copy and pasted
08:42:10 Kidd
Anyone that does car stuff, cherry bomb or magnaflow?
MakeEm Arabians
08:41:40 Ally 🌺
My gelding

Ryshadium RIDs
08:41:17 InkSpren
So is Friesian a specific type of Holstein? I'm only familiar with the term Holstein.
Carmack Stables
08:39:51 Carjack
Yup InkSpren pretty much but pure holstine are very tall
Carmack Stables
08:39:02 Carjack
His tail got a lot of hate when I posted these pics on FB XD I have since trimmed it though so it doesnt dragg
Ryshadium RIDs
08:38:59 InkSpren
Is Friesian the same as holstein for cattle?
Sunset Grove Farm
MakeEm Arabians
08:38:11 Ally 🌺
Pretty horses <3
Carmack Stables
08:37:27 Carjack
Carmack Stables
08:36:58 Carjack
Lol I'm slow
Carmack Stables
08:36:47 Carjack
Breeze do you have insta?? I want to see Rasta :D
BreezieM30w RIDs
08:36:23 Breeze/Dimple
-Click- This is Rasta
Blueberry Valley
08:35:24 bluebs // pride
I went out on a whim today and decided to lighten my hair. Mind you, I moved into my freshman dorm today. So I went out w roomie and bought lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar. And it actually worked! I left it in for an hour and my hair is a few shades lighter :D
BreezieM30w RIDs
08:34:35 Breeze/Dimple
Your boy Rio looks almost exactly like my boy Rasta .0.
Carmack Stables
08:34:24 Carjack
Nope it's a girl :) the part under her belly is the umbilical cord
Dawn Moon
Carmack@ isn’t that a male calf?
Carmack Stables
08:30:58 Carjack
This was the 1st fresian born.. hope we dont have too many more because we cant keep them as replacement heifers :(
Amera Eventing
08:30:57 Mera // AE
If an experienced KNN breeder could PM me that'd be great, I need some matching help :'D

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