03:25:32 Blook
Star One is climbing the leaderboards! maybe he'll take Ferrari out :o
Double C Stables
03:17:16 DC/Kate =3
-HEE Click-
I love this scarf
Beekman Creek Ranch

deffff. i have 2 at home who are absolutely the best
03:16:06 Myth/RH
Should I start an Australian Shepherd club?
Obsidian Fangs Ranch
03:14:17 Dragon Lady
-HEE Click- one of my favorites
Obsidian Fangs Ranch
03:13:11 Dragon Lady
Zwei i love that snowcap too 😊
Spirtasi Whims
03:12:45 Tasi / Chat Killer
I've got about 6 essays due Friday and then I'm done with this semester.. I'm so gosh darn tired
Thoroughbred Eventer
03:06:18 Thoro
Annapytt Ranch
03:05:55 Anna
@ Thoro
Thoroughbred Eventer
03:05:17 Thoro
this guy for sure
-HEE Click-
Annapytt Ranch
03:03:38 Anna
For next year
03:03:28 Bee 🐝
Jedi? Good question, even the top ABLB horses don't have all up week 11
Galaxy Manor
03:03:27 kat
its so refreshing, if only those two assignments weren't french papers (x

thank you!!
Thoroughbred Eventer
03:03:08 Thoro
you have none of breeding age
PK Rescue Stable
03:02:30 PK (PuterKatz)
Hooray @kat!
03:02:28 Legion
Best feeling
Galaxy Manor
03:02:04 kat
just realized i have two more assignments left to turn in by tomorrow and then i'm done with undergrad forever *-*
Annapytt Ranch
03:00:00 Anna
What stallion is best for breeding ish here just for color?
-HEE Click-
02:52:36 Medi
Oooo Salvador was
02:51:38 Medi
Anyone got anything all up week 11?
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Looking For : Art ideas October 15, 2021 10:45 PM

Spirtasi Whims
Posts: 2159
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Title says it, I'm just looking for some, actually quite a few ideas to use for art. They could be character/Lineart ideas, horse art ideas, anything other than horse. Seasonal and year round ideas. If I make a piece using your idea, you will be notified by me asking if you want to be credited.
Looking For : Art ideas October 16, 2021 01:31 AM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 2814
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Completely random, but I thought of this idea tonight, and would absolutely die to see horses running... in like a png moose antler. Like little mini horses hehe 😍 Just if you honestly feel like going out on a limb lol 😂<33
Looking For : Art ideas October 16, 2021 01:44 AM

Posts: 941
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I would LOVE to see some monster horses. Like a Medusa horse or just a load of bat wings, horns, fangs etc. Fairy horses would be cute, with fairy wings and butterfly wings, flying around flowers.
Looking For : Art ideas October 16, 2021 02:55 AM

Wild Ocean Stables
Posts: 69
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How about a (black) cat sailing the rough seas, something that fits the time of year, maybe during a full moon ;)
Looking For : Art ideas October 16, 2021 11:46 PM

Spirtasi Whims
Posts: 2159
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Thank you so much! Please keep them coming
Looking For : Art ideas October 17, 2021 03:56 AM

Posts: 65
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Okay, so I have an idea but it’s very specific…


So, a “water horse” with glowing blue eyes that’s in the ocean. Its body is half way (or somewhat) out of the water and the part that’s out looks as if it’s made from water. The horse’s lower half (or the part of it that’s submerged) looks like a beautiful coral reef. The “point of view” would look something like this…? Idk. Random idea.

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