Dancing in the Dark
09:27:25 Wild Rider
I am looking for a roleplay partner. You must be a literate writer and be able to play male. The plot is Warrior cat themed. PM me if you are interested.
Raven Hollow Elite
09:27:16 rAtTiUs
Raven may not be called Raven pretty soon
After The Storm
09:27:10 Decrepit Llama
I kinda just want to go get a flame thrower and do my driveway with that..
Purple Pegasus Farm
09:27:08 Graceful
Thanks Ink! <3
Emmas Eventers
Congrats Grey's
After The Storm
09:26:25 Decrepit Llama
Hi Raven
Grey's Kids
09:26:22 Mag's 2nd
and hopefully another beautiful colt :) -HEE Click- Cant test him yet but.. we'll see
Raven Hollow Elite
09:26:14 rAtTiUs
Oh hey friends i know :)*waves*
After The Storm
09:25:36 Decrepit Llama
woot woot! Congrats Mag!
Raven Hollow Elite
09:25:32 rAtTiUs
-HEE Click-
Id greatly appreciate if you guys voted <3
Grey's Kids
09:24:29 Mag's 2nd
i just bred my very first EEE <3 -HEE Click- Shes beautiful
Jericho Stables
Stable --> tackroom --> actions

To clean your tack
Warbreaker Warmblood
09:23:00 InkSpren
Oh, It's Purp's birthday! Happy birthday!
Jesus...I've screwed up,huh?
I bought some cleaning supplies, but I don't know how to use them. XD
How the heck do I clean my tack?
Purple Pegasus Farm
09:19:11 Graceful
Aww, hope your day gets better!
Look at him. Isn't he greAt??
09:17:21 Legion
Not enough scifi RPs.
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