Bonsai Lagoon
02:11:48 Mina/Dimple | KNN
-HEE Click-
Pretty pretty :D
Bronco Stables
I'm bored does anybody wanna hangout with me
Oak River Farms
02:10:31 Oakie
Well, hello there -HEE Click-
John Watson
02:10:30 Hedgehog
Whoa. I forgot about her O_O -HEE Click-
Angels angels
02:09:44 Angel ~Brindle Queen
Oooo the diaper blanket!
Bronco Stables
how do i capture 100 horses thats insane
Sandpiper Hollow
02:09:08 Piper
-HEE Click- still drooling over this color
02:07:01 The Dawg
Capture, the party only happens every 4 months :D
Bronco Stables
is everybody having a good day
Angels angels
02:06:26 Angel ~Brindle Queen
Lol Misha
The Joker
02:06:06 Misha/Mojii
*Throws potato at chat*
Angels angels
02:06:03 Angel ~Brindle Queen
Nooo the question is to play minecraft or get up and eat lol
The Lazy Ninja
02:05:42 Jessie
02:05:27 Kae/Kay/Diamond
hmm.. to capture or not to capture... that is the question.
Bonsai Lagoon
02:04:31 Mina/Dimple | KNN
That's better than mine XD
Dayzee Stables
-HEE Click-

I feel ya Mina
The Lazy Ninja
02:03:22 Jessie
I feel your pain Mina.
Bonsai Lagoon
02:02:54 Mina/Dimple | KNN
-HEE Click- *cries* The pretty ones always suck
Angels angels
02:02:22 Angel ~Brindle Queen
Just need 7 more
Blood Bay Terror
02:01:59 BB, Blood Bay,
Anybody want to do a

WolfxDog RP

Please PM me :)

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Forums > Art Shops > Art Requests

New member looking for a spiffy avatar! - found July 19, 2019 02:05 AM

Woodroffe Stud
Posts: 85
Hi HEE artists!

I'm finally finding my footing in this game and am glad to say I am quite enjoying it! :))) Showing is a lot of big time confusion, but I've had some help from experts and am beginning to understand what the (expletive) is going on.

However, I feel a bit naked having a stable with no art. I'm not really looking for a full set as I'm not sure I'm able to supply the funding for that, but I'd absolutely adore having a fancy avatar!

What I'm looking for:
- plain text/lettering avatar saying 'Woodroffe Stud est. Year 119'
- black and gold gradient colour scheme
- maybe a horseshoe logo in there somewhere? I honestly can't decide
- under 50k, if possible, I'm a bit broke *insert grimace emoji*

If you're interested, please message me! I've got a bit of a budget right now but I have no qualms with waiting until I'm a bit richer to afford a pricier piece of art. Let me know if you'd like to help out! If you have any examples, I'd love to see them as well.

Thank you!

- Woodroffe

UPDATE: I found someone to make me an avi! Thank you to everyone who messaged me! <3

Edited at July 28, 2019 11:36 PM by Woodroffe Stud

Forums > Art Shops > Art Requests

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