07:39:42 Maine
I'd say probably the guy who scraped him was at fault. Gas station etiquette is interesting, but your husband stopped and all
07:37:56 Ren
Very minor bump so no human damage. Haha
07:37:21 Ren
Hes fine. He has a 96 geo metro and the damage is only the front bumper. He was getting gas and pulled out at the same time as someone next to him. He stopped but the guy turned into him and scraped along his car. Not sure who is at fault.
Drakenstone Manor
07:37:10 Lee
Thats horrible Ren, hope your hubby is alright!
Llama Queen
07:35:26 Working Joe Llama
Hope he is ok!
07:33:45 Luna's Lily
As far as breeding for ratings goes, which lb would be the best to get a stud from?
07:30:42 Maine
Whoa Ren, is he okay?
07:30:23 Maine
My EEE is still training better than the EWE >.>
07:30:11 Ren
I had to take off today to figure out a car accident my husband had last night. I don't know who is at fault and it is driving me nuts.
River Run Manor
07:24:44 River
-HEE Click-
Wow, down in Int but level 2 Dressage on Monday?
Desarae Manor
I only have to work a 10hr shift so you beat me. I hope it goes quickly for you @Llama Queen
Llama Queen
07:16:48 Working Joe Llama
Yes.. yes it is. I really dislike my weekend on. BUT at noon on Tuesday I'm on vacation; so I guess I can suck it up :p
07:14:38 Brooke | X
I hope so. I'm trying to keep my lines more mare limited at the moment, so I'm glad they won't go to waste :P
Moonlight Stud
07:14:34 Lee
Thats a crappy shift time.
Llama Queen
07:14:10 Working Joe Llama
I think they'll both do great for AtS :D
07:13:45 Brooke | X
Oooh he did good too :D And I love Vecni's art *-*
Llama Queen
07:12:29 Working Joe Llama
Brooke look at his week 4:D -HEE Click- And did you see his daddy's new art?
Llama Queen
07:11:14 Working Joe Llama
Oh ye gads that sucks I'm sorry. I'm as good as I can be contemplating my 11 hour shift lol
07:10:41 Brooke | X
-HEE Click-
Training is nice to me this week
Moonlight Stud
07:10:41 Lee
Got cramps D: You?
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