Looking Glass Stable
09:18:02 IA Glass 👋
HEE helps me procrastinate on lots of things too; I feel that lol.
Valley Sports
09:17:17 Sam
Valley Sports
09:17:01 Sam
I got a low rated 1/6 pon I'm trying not to keep anything under ppp right now
As always procrastinating from writing my Master Thesis :3

Well, in a way I do... But I think I do it differently than most ppl here :x Why do you ask?
Valley Sports
09:14:57 Sam
do you breed for color?
Valley Sports
09:14:08 Sam
going good, you?
Oh hey Valley :D
Hows it going!
Valley Sports
09:13:12 Sam
hi Fasque
Oh my new horses just came :3
Id love to have something like dynamic column with in the barn view - just to prevent the names from breaking to a second line xS
I just change their name to ___|Sire&Dam so that it fits in nicely in the line... I find it is very hard to see sometimes if the letters of the letters aren't perfectly aligned in the list
Black Diamond Stable
09:06:02 Lyrical/lisa
yeah i only name my breeding stock... anything that im gelding or not keeping doesnt get a name.. just the horseeden defult
Thats a good strategy JP!
ooof If only I would know what I am breeding for... for everything I guess ^^
JP Show Stables
I'm SD, so my W horses get a JP in front. Any of the Es get mother's name + year (unless it was a public brood, then I'll use sire's name). Prevents me from having to come up with 100s of names.
Valley Sports
09:04:38 Sam
who here breeds for color?
How do you manage to not loose track of them all :O There is ofc the "breeding view" in the barn, but i find it not very readable at times :x
Black Diamond Stable
09:04:20 Lyrical/lisa
to me it would depend on what you are breeding for..
8 Seconds
09:04:19 Ella
I have tried to give my horses some sort of symbol depending on their coat, but it gets confusing quickly xS Like a horse can be champagne and Tobiano... so which symbol am I supposed to give them ^^ Therefore I thought I ask how you guys are doing it :x
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Mori!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! This.... wow... this is amazing!!!!! ❤️ Thank You So Much!!!! ^^

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mystery wood barn

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