Moon Shadow Ranch
04:49:41 Moon | TB + X
Thank you Lucky. Want to see my other matches?
Rushing River Stable
04:48:28 River / Savy
The best I have is a SPE...
Lucky Ranch
04:47:58 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
best of luck to you!
Moon Shadow Ranch
04:47:02 Moon | TB + X
-HEE Click-

They produced an EWW before. Hope they give me something decent!
Ladybird Estate
04:47:00 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Y'all know the A on the avengers tower?
Did y'all know RDJ has it in his office?
I found this so funny because it's huge too
Lucky Ranch
04:46:10 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
depends. on bravery, color, where your stable is at
Rushing River Stable
04:45:51 River / Savy
620 ebs! At least it's better than the 32 ebs I had last week!
Lucky Ranch
04:45:50 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
yes please!
Freedom Elites
04:45:45 Freedom
I only have 3 horses. No source of income. Other than the quests I did (that I spent my little amount of EBs on) only led to me having less. My only income is the daily login lol
Moon Shadow Ranch
04:45:45 Moon | TB + X
No @Cascadia
Cascadia Ranch
Is a PPP filly worth keeping?
Moon Shadow Ranch
04:45:10 Moon | TB + X
At least I have everything for RO. you want to see my big match?
Bee Pack
04:44:32 Belle
I mean it is still a lot more then me xD
I am broke <.<
Lucky Ranch
04:44:20 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
XD oh my

bobette is having difficulties. he/she (bobette is transgender ><)
is horrified at my spending habits
Moon Shadow Ranch
04:42:45 Moon | TB + X
610K. I logged into morning.
Freedom Elites
04:42:27 Freedom
My accountant has already had a heart attack.
Lucky Ranch
04:42:19 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
ah ok

Lol moony. how much are you at now?
Moon Shadow Ranch
04:41:56 Moon | TB + X
My accountant is mad at me now. I spent too much today on an upgrade, broods, and straws...
Freedom Elites
04:41:16 Freedom
Only capture a patterned horse I believe.
Moon Shadow Ranch
04:41:01 Moon | TB + X
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