11:21:18 Jay
immmmm back Myth!
11:15:54 Crowley | Myth
Panther PONs
11:14:02 Penny-Panther-Pen
Oh hi!
I'll pm you, I've just got a couple questions about your art :)
11:13:23 Crowley | Myth
Panther PONs
11:11:36 Penny-Panther-Pen
Is mythers still on? (I'm assuming not, it's been awhile)
Panther PONs
11:10:41 Penny-Panther-Pen
Yallre too slow 😏
Munchkin Stables
11:09:55 Munn - PONs
dumb-ass-bitch- likes-bananas
just kidding
Bug in a Rug
11:09:45 Bug | KPH
Dressage All Breed Leaderboard
Panther PONs
11:09:44 Penny-Panther-Pen
Dressage all breed leaderboard
11:07:27 Sun/Sunny/Rose
What does DABLB mean?
11:03:24 Crowley | Myth
11:03:17 Crowley | Myth
11:03:08 Crowley | Myth
Out is storage room. 🙄
Caaldir Equestrian
11:02:38 Caal/Deor/Trash Rat
Any readers/writers on? I'd love some help with something :)
*Rising Stars TBs*
11:02:30 Star / Sarah
Crowley, Why?
11:01:16 Crowley | Myth
The PS4 is a worthless piece of shit.
*Rising Stars TBs*
10:56:59 Star / Sarah
KPH, thanks!
*Rising Stars TBs*
10:56:40 Star / Sarah
I am a finn
KPH Equestrian
10:56:27 KPH | Rapcoon
In Search Of
*Rising Stars TBs*
10:56:24 Star / Sarah
In our language it means big 😅
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Forums > Contests

Contest Guidelines March 20, 2017 02:26 PM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 4517
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First of all, thank you contest holders for giving back to the community with your contests! Everyone appreciates it very much. The wonderful giving spirit of our community is one of the greatest things on this game.

There are some rules for the contests which need to be followed to help keep things fair and manageable and have our contests run with integrity.

1) Contests are entered and held at your own risk, so please don't offer anything you cant part with. Like everything in the game, if you make a deal with someone and it falls through, please don't email staff about it. There is no way I can chase everyone around with a stick who breaks a deal. Please see it as lesson learned. Please don't give people stuff unless you trust them to follow through on the deal. Artists please don't give people your artwork without payment up front. Put a watermark on it if you need to show it to them. If they don't pay up you are more than welcome to resell the artwork as a premade. If you feel something shady is going on, please use the report post button and report the post so we can investigate.

2) People holding contests - If we find that you are scamming people or not following through on your deals and contest prizes, you will be given a warning the first time and banned from the forum after that. So please, please don't hold contests unless you have prizes available to provide people. Also, please don't change prizes in the middle of a contest.

3) Do not use contests as a way to trade EBS between your accounts, rate horses for non-premium members, use one of your accounts to benefit another of your accounts or any other function that breaks game rules.

4) Contests that have an entry fee are not allowed.

Thank you.

Edited at March 20, 2017 02:28 PM by Cadence Farms

Forums > Contests


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