Van Der Linde Stable
12:54:53 Seven / Dutch
That's fine! I don't really have anything ready to show yet. Just a lot is blips and bits around, waiting for a canvas.
PK Rescue Stable
12:52:47 Smeagol Twisted
But can't tonite, took pills & eating ice cream with magic cookie lol
PK Rescue Stable
12:52:20 Smeagol Twisted
Can't wait to see some of your art
PK Rescue Stable
12:51:52 Smeagol Twisted
Yes you should!
Van Der Linde Stable
12:51:13 Seven / Dutch
I'll have to check it out! I need to buy more canvases first lol
PK Rescue Stable
12:51:04 Smeagol Twisted
And car manuals galore lol
PK Rescue Stable
12:50:07 Smeagol Twisted
They always had stacks of them, many quite dusty lol
PK Rescue Stable
12:49:06 Smeagol Twisted
Seven they might? Haven't been to one of those for a few years
Van Der Linde Stable
12:48:53 Seven / Dutch
New York is where I'm located and I have one nearby
PK Rescue Stable
12:48:14 Smeagol Twisted
Ollies Outlet, mostly PA, OH,MD, WV? not sure. Has tons of coffee table books, how to books, picture books...etc
Van Der Linde Stable
12:46:59 Seven / Dutch

I hope the older ones! I'm not interested in them particularly, but I know they have images of Windows operating systems
Boulder Creek
PK - nope, please explain what I'm missing in my life!
PK Rescue Stable
12:45:56 Smeagol Twisted
Seven you need to if ever you get near one. They have books galore especially the "for dummies" ones
Boulder Creek
That's cool!
I have a desperate need to own the Threshold Picture Guide series - little booklets on all things horses
Van Der Linde Stable
12:44:54 Seven / Dutch
Yes but I've never been in one.
Anyone else ever have trouble deciding on which foal to rate? Stuck on two that I want to rate, but not sure which one I want to do.
PK Rescue Stable
12:44:26 Smeagol Twisted
Are either of you familiar with "Ollies" stores?
Van Der Linde Stable
12:44:04 Seven / Dutch
2 DK eyewitness books
Van Der Linde Stable
12:43:30 Seven / Dutch
Mostly picture books and [insert whatever] for dummies books. I'm very interested but I have to check with my mother first (shipping stuff, that's all)
PK Rescue Stable
12:42:40 Smeagol Twisted
who me?
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Hallucinations 2022 Goals Galore December 30, 2021 09:35 PM

Hallucination Manor
Posts: 4800
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Hello all! I welcome you to the 2022 Goals Galore Giveaway, here's how it will work, but bare with me, this is kind of a longer contest, but fear not! I will do my best to make it as rewarding as possible ;)

The Guidelines:

- Post your goal(s) for the new year, any you may have (RL or HEE), short or long term!

- Update your original post throughout the year with your successes/challenges, what you have done/plan on doing, if you want encouragement, and whatever else you want to keep yourself motivated!
- At least have one update saying that you competed your goal(s)

Now on to everyone's favorite part...


- Everyone who enters before January 1st at 12am GT will be entered to win 150k! (anyone is free to enter at any point in the year though!

- Everyone who continues to update their posts will be eligible to win prizes throughout the year ranging from ABLB straws to breeding items to ebs and more!

but that's not all....

Grand Prize:

1 million ebs (with a possibility of more!)

Anyone who completes their goal at any point during the year before January 1st 2023 is eligible to win this!

If you have any questions please feel free to message me and have fun! I look forforward to hearing everyone's goals and seeing your successes!

This begins NOW!

Edited at December 30, 2021 10:06 PM by Hallucination Manor
Hallucinations 2022 Goals Galore December 30, 2021 09:35 PM

Hallucination Manor
Posts: 4800
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Hallucinations 2022 Goals Galore December 30, 2021 09:36 PM

Hallucination Manor
Posts: 4800
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RL Goals:
- Lose at least 30lbs
- Compete in a TIP challenge
- Focus on my mental health
- Read more books
HEE Goals:
- Breed an ABLB stallion
- Breed a top 10 ABLB horse
- Breed a top 5 ABLB horse
First goals completed! I'm happy to announce that my homebred mare, Nebula, debut at #1 ABLB! :D AND I have been accepted into my first TIP challenge!

Edited at February 1, 2022 03:32 AM by Hallucination Manor
Hallucinations 2022 Goals Galore December 30, 2021 09:44 PM

Paradise Point
Posts: 216
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My biggest HEE goal for 2022 is to land on the ABLB. Aiming for top 50! Coming from a newer stable, this is a big challenge LOL. I'm also looking to build up towards a 1/1 WWW SH! But really any soild WWW works.
I'm really starting to focus on self care in RL. Sticking to this throughout the year is my biggest goal, just becoming a healthier person as a whole.
Thank you for hosting, have a happy New Year everyone!
★ I was hoping this RO would help me with my goal but it really didn't :( I ended up with a handful of EEEs and a PPP. Hoping that next RO is better!

Edited at January 2, 2022 07:27 PM by Green Acres
Hallucinations 2022 Goals Galore December 30, 2021 10:33 PM

Zephyr Elites
Posts: 3299
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I have many goals on HEE. But my biggest one is to own an ABLB mare/stallion. I just reached my 5 year HEE anniversary on my X account and have yet to own one on any of my four accounts. Another goal I have is to capture a WWE+ combo, I'd love to start some new lines.
Some real-life goals I have are to lose about 40-50 lbs and start eating healthier.

Edited at January 18, 2022 02:04 PM by Zephyr Elites
Hallucinations 2022 Goals Galore December 30, 2021 10:38 PM

Posts: 752
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My biggest goal for 2022 is get on top of my depression. This year I've had a fair amount of stuff going on, causing my mental health to drop, so next year I want to put myself first and try to love healthier :) I'm already on meds, so hopefully I'll be able to complete this goal I the next year :)
Jan17: I'm starting to feel much more energetic now, and feel that I've started to think more about things, sorta like I've got my spark back. It's hard to explain, but I feel as though I've gained much more confidence in myself, both appearance wise and socially wise, so very happy to be starting to feel a difference :)
Feb18: hello again :). School has started up again, and I reckon everything's gone down hill a bit. I'm a lot more anxious, even during everyday things. I'm also getting tested for ADHD sometime soon so that's fun :')
Mar31: Hi! Visited the doctor again this month, my pill dosage is going up to hopefully get rid of the last of the anxiety. I've had a couple moments where it's been bad since then, but otherwise alot better :)
Still waiting to get tested for ADHD tho.
April: covid picked up in my school, spent a fair but of time just laying in bed. I didn't have the energy to get my meds, so I haven't been taking them recently, which I know isn't good, like at all. I guess I'm just worrying over the fact that I'm so much more confident on these meds, which is what their ment to do, but I'm just scared to draw too much attention to myself. But that's the social anxiety for ya
My HEE goal would probably be to incorporate more colour into my program. I'm getting better Ratings wise, but of course, I keep missing the colour. So my goal is to try to get the colour in to my lines and manage to breed some pretty babies!
Jan1: HEE is going okay :) got another WWW boy, and a (plain) WWE filly. This is the luckiest I've been in a while, so yay :)
Feb17: I've decided to start PONs! I've got myself a nice little breeding group and have already bred a WWE and WEE combo :) the WWE has Dun, so that's nice! Hoping for more colour still :)
Mar31: I'm quite happy with this month! I got a WEE girl who seems to be training quite well, and a WWW boy who went all up wk4! He's my best training boy yet, so super happy!
April: I did get a colour girl last month, however, everything else flopped :/. Currently going to start saving for a nice big match with some good quality Broods to try and do better. PONs are going slowly, still dislike me.
May: my WWW boy flopped, sadly. I'm chill with it, just kinda sucks. Got one W girl this RO, but thats it. Going to brood all my girls out this month. If you see this and are interested, message me!

Edited at May 15, 2022 02:24 AM by Adara
Hallucinations 2022 Goals Galore December 31, 2021 12:23 AM
The Golden Horse
Posts: 1177
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my goal is to breed a WWW ISH
Hallucinations 2022 Goals Galore December 31, 2021 02:22 AM

Hermes Warmbloods
Posts: 859
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My biggest RL goal is to learn to manage my mental illnesses better and finally get on top of school work instead of just putting myself on autopilot until it ends.
My biggest HEE goal is to get better at art and get myself out there, and to also start an ABLB WB line ( i only breed black sabinos hehe) and to make the top 5 ABLB in some shape or form!
Hallucinations 2022 Goals Galore December 31, 2021 02:56 AM
Carmack Elites
Posts: 23
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My biggest goal on HEE is to breed a WWW
My biggest goals in real life
To get my filly going in her gear
to teach my gelding to walk trot and canter under saddle
To grow my family up (not necessarily adding a member to the family, more getting to a better place than we are now being financially and other things)
Hallucinations 2022 Goals Galore December 31, 2021 03:40 AM

Rainbow Equus
Posts: 109
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Thanks for hosting! <3
My HEE RO goal is to breed a EEW+ RID filly or colt. Long-term goal for 2022 is to have a stallion who can place in the top 20 of the RIDLB.
RL goal for 2022 is to focus on self-care and mental health. I want to learn to be kind towards myself and remain present in my everyday life.
EDIT;; Not only did I finally breed a WEE filly, I also managed to luck out with the first WWW apricot filly in the game!

Edited at January 2, 2022 02:25 PM by Rainbow Equus

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