Cassa Belle
08:04:38 Jess/Cassa/Belle
No, leave them as is. Unless they have a red number
Star Catcher Estate
08:04:17 Fleur|WBs
I had it wrong. :D Luna, green is good, keep your riders where they are.
Cassa Belle
08:04:09 Jess/Cassa/Belle
Lol Fleur
08:03:36 Ceci / (Call me) AL
We're talking green numbers and that is good, not red
08:03:35 Luna's Lily
Wait, so should I reassign to higher level riders?
Star Catcher Estate
08:02:49 Fleur|WBs
oh nevermind lol. You have it right. I read it wrong. Luna, that's good. :D
Star Catcher Estate
08:02:18 Fleur|WBs
Cassa, you have it backward.

From the FAQ:
The red numbers mean that your horse has leveled up before their rider, and so they are at a disadvantage in showing. It would be beneficial to switch your horse to a higher level rider.
Cassa Belle
08:01:21 Jess/Cassa/Belle
Which is good
08:01:05 Luna's Lily
Is that a good thing?
Cassa Belle
08:00:01 Jess/Cassa/Belle
They are with a rider who has more experience I believe
07:58:43 Luna's Lily
Um. Like, all of my 1 year olds and about half my 2 year olds have a green 1 under jumping. Why...?
07:56:03 Jane OR RGH
I know it’s not good
I’m praying that the people get the horse out soon.
Cassa Belle
07:55:22 Jess/Cassa/Belle
It happens. It's like a turtle though, and it's really not good for a horse to be upside down
07:54:33 Jane OR RGH
Oh lord
Apparently there is a horse stick upside down in a ditch that’s being rescued..
No idea how the horse would be upside down....
Valerian Queen
Primary Account: 0 Eden Bucks
Savings Account: 139,739 Eden Bucks

Eek! so close :P
Red Valley Elites
07:52:27 Hopeful
I love this girl! :)
-HEE Click-
07:52:04 Jane OR RGH
I only had 10 minutes to get ready this morning because I woke up late, but I still got out on time and was all ready to go
Star Catcher Estate
07:47:03 Fleur|WBs
I went all 50 moves with her and she didn't spook once. -HEE Click-
This is weird. Never happened to me before.
Fleur-de-lis Acres
07:42:28 Fleur|KNN
Jericho Stables
07:42:08 Wait, what?


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Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 18, 2019 02:03 PM

Posts: 1785
The rarest colored horses have been thriving in a herd called Insólito (Spanish for extraordinary) The few people that knew about them have feed them and kept them hidden. One day a large breeding facility called Cria Center (Breeding Center in Spanish) found Insólito herd and decided to capture and breed them.



Lead Stallion 1/1
Legend | Running
This horse is the one who makes all the decisions he also protects the herd with help from the herd stallions. He is the mate to the Lead Mare and Herd Mares

Lead Mare 1/1
Angel | Cyder
This mare is the mate to the Lead Stallion. She helps make some decisions but not a lot. She helps with births and raising foals

Herd Mares 4/4
Star | Winter
Sweetheart | Cynder
Moonflight | Wilderness
Stormy | Lost
These mares have most of the foals and ate the majority of the herd. They can be bred by the Lead Stallion and Herd Stallions

Herd Stallions 1/4
Copper | Cynder
These stallions are the mates to the herd Mares and help the Lead Stallion protect the herd. They can breed the Herd Mares

Note: All horse roles can be bred to any domestic horse when captured


Stallions 3/4
Atlas | HMH
Zeus | Winter
Charred | Maryland
These horses are tamed and are used occasionally to capture wild horses but are mainly for breeding purposes only

Mares 3/4
Bliss | HMH
Luna | Aspen
Quest | Diamond
These horses are used for capturing other horses and being breed to wild stallions

Gelding 1/3
Charm | HMH
Tonka | Aspen
These horses are for capturing wild horses only

Note: I will increase the number of horses or humans if needed


Barn Owner/Breeding Manager 1/1
Bree Knightly | HMH
This position is the boss, they decide which horses get bred with what horses, what horses to capture and which horses to sell or keep, they do this along with their assistant, they also take the horses with help from the trainers and stable hands

Barn Owner/Breeding Manager Assistant 1/1
Avalon Smith | Running
This person helps the barn owner make decisions and keep track of things

Vet 1/2
Audrey Bass | HMH
They check all of the horses when they arrive. They also check to see if horses are pregnant and fix and injuries. They can also sedate the horse if need, but the Barn owner and assistant also know how to.

Stable Hands 3/4
Kaitlyn Jenkins | Cynder
Roxanne Wild | Wilderness
Sandy Connor | Aspen
They feed and water the horses. They also (along with the barn owner) try to build relationships with the captured horses.

Trainers 2/2
Nebula Ranger | Diamond
Tama Hazel | Maryland
They train the horses (along with barn owner) to be able to be ridden and handled by humans (When they are not pregnant)

Note: A few people will be selected to go with Barn owner and Assistant to capture horses. I will assign people going on the capture a gelding.


1. Follow Eve's rules
2. ASK players before you breed their horses or do anything major except for capture you don't have to ask for that
3. 3 Strikes your out
4. Wild horses are going to be captured early in the RP so wild foals are not going exist.
5. Post any questions ONCE THE THREAD HAS STARTED in the disscusion thread
6. Ask questions if you don't understand the rules or roles before signing up
7. Put Cria in other


4 Barns | 1 Stallion | 1 Unbred mares/geldings | 1 Pregnant Mares/Mares with foals | 1 Quarantine barn for when the wild horses arrive

6 One acre individual pastures for stallions

3 Fifteen acre pastures Unbred mares and gelding

1 Two acre pasture for mares in early pregnancy

3 Round Pens

1 arena

3 Four horse trailers

1 small barn 20x50 ft used for breeding. There is a section for natural breeding and there is a section to force breeding

10 foot fence surrounding the whole property with a locked iron gate in case the horses escape

Total of 125 acres

Note: Please make the sign ups detailed
Note: Please try and keep coat colors somewhat natural, but other than that go crazy with eye colors and patterns
Note: You can have horses be cooperative, but please remember these horses have been wild for hundreds of years and are not going to be pleased to be captured, shoved into stalls and then being impregnated

Edited at September 18, 2019 07:46 PM by HMHRealityCheck
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 18, 2019 07:46 PM

Posts: 1785
Bree Knightly | Barn Owner | Open

Bree sat down in her comfy office chair and took a deep breath. She had just called an office meeting. Well she was waiting for her employees to arrive she thought about her good news. I just found out the location of the rarest horse herd in the country, she thought excitedly. We are going to have the best stock.

This RP is officially OPEN
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 18, 2019 07:49 PM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3541
Sandy Conner | Stable Hand | Bree

-Sandy would be walking down the aisle after putting both Luna & Tonka out in the pasture together. The young woman sighed as she has finally reached Bree's office, she knocked on the door before entering. Sandy gave a kind smile to the woman that owns the barn- "Good morning, Ms. Knightly. What's the good news about?"
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 18, 2019 07:57 PM

Posts: 1785
Bree Knightly | BO | Sandy

Please, please. Call me Bree, this Ms. Knightly stuff makes me feel old, she said with a laugh. I'll tell you as soon as the others arrive. She told Sandy. But, she said with a wink it's about new stock.
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 18, 2019 08:02 PM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3541
Sandy Conner | Stable Hand | Bree

"New stock?" -Sandy said with a puzzled look on her face, along with a raised eyebrow. She folded her arms across her chest before leaning her back against the wall, patiently waiting for everyone else-

Luna | Mare | Oldenburg | Tonka, Ope

-Luna would be grazing next to Tonka as she felt very comfortable around him as she looks up to him as a father figure. She flicked her tail to keep the flies away as her muscles twitched a bit-
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 18, 2019 08:19 PM

Freedom Elites
Posts: 1502
Legend | Lead Stallion I Open

Legend trots briskly towards the small sparkling pond on the outskirts of the meadow. His herd follows behind, but he is careful not to lose sight of them. He usually wouldn’t come with close to the Facility, but the water hole on the other side of the hilly meadow has dried up. He stands alert as his herd drinks from the icy cold water, snorts fill the area as horses enjoy the cold water on the hot day.

Avalon Smith | Assistant | Bree, Sandy

She opens the barn doors a little wider to let sunlight and fresh air in. As she walks down the isle she coos to a few of her favorite horses, before continuing on to the office. She opens the door, without knocking and walks in. She nods to Sandy and Bree before sitting down on the plush chairs she has grown to love in the office.
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 18, 2019 08:42 PM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3541
Sandy Conner | Stable Hand | Bree, Avalon

-Sandy nods to Avalon back while having her mind on Tonka and of course Luna, curiously wondering what they're gonna do with the new stock. The young woman would be in a complete calm, relaxed posture while staying where she is-

Luna | Mare | Oldenburg | Tonka, Open

-Luna started playfully prancing around the pasture, showing off her graceful gaits as she tossed her head along with a flick of her tail. She let out a neigh while continuing what she was doing, she hasn't let anyone catch her in the pasture expect Sandy-

Tonka | Gelding | Quarter Horse | Luna, Open

-Tonka would be grazing calmly as he would be in the same pasture as Luna. He watched the mare playfully show off as he let out a soft snort of amusement before he continued to graze, flicking his liver chestnut colored tail to keep the flies away-
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 18, 2019 09:18 PM

Diamond C Ranch
Posts: 369
Nebula Ranger/ Trainer
Nebula arrives at the stable with her mare Quest. She puts the mare in the paddock next to Luna and Tonka. Nebula walks to the office and peeks in and say "May I come in?" she said with a smile.

Edited at September 18, 2019 09:19 PM by Diamond C Ranch
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 18, 2019 09:28 PM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3541
Sandy Conner | Stable Hand | Bree, Avalon, Nebula, Open

-Sandy glanced over and saw Nebula, greeting her with a kind smile- "Of course, the meeting hasn't started yet"
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 18, 2019 09:35 PM
Open Heart G Farms
Posts: 1
Nebula Ranger / Trainer / Bree, Avalon, Open
She walks in and sits on one of the chairs in the room. "So how is everyone today?" she asked.

Quest / Mare / Warmblood
The mare cantering and bucking around the paddock she notices a gelding. She having a bad experience with a gelding as a foal, she runs toward the fence with ears pined and teeth showing.

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