Grapey, my mum was 1 of 14.
06:31:51 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
My sister in law has 7 kids! No clue how she does it! I wanted to stop at 2, but husband keeps wanting more XD
Equity Falls
06:31:36 Dimmed | KNN
You must have some pretty bunnies 😍
06:30:52 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
Oh man they are so fun to breed. I list the babies for sale from weaning age (4-8 weeks) to butcher age (12 weeks)
So far all babies sell within a week of being listed. XD
Lucky Ranch
06:30:27 Grapey II Eggs
lol my grandmother had 13 children
Dream Weaver Ranch
06:30:06 Chloe/Coco
Aww sorry Cheeto
06:29:19 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
Yup. I tested positive on the 24th, after about a week of morning sickness, and then miscarried late in the evening the 25th. It was pretty rough, but not my first
Dream Weaver Ranch
06:29:03 Chloe/Coco
Meh baby puppy on the chair bitting herself <3333
I don't know how someone can go through pregnancy 4 times, I'm 26 weeks into my second pregnancy and I remember why I hate being pregnant lol I also hate newbrn stage .. hell just take him and bring him back when he starts school lol
Equity Falls
06:28:45 Dimmed | KNN
That's pretty good! I want to breed meat rabbits one day
06:27:45 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
I sold 10 lots 2 weeks ago and made $200. Was able to buy hay, and birthday presents for husband and eldest child
Lucky Ranch
06:26:44 Grapey II Eggs
Dirty Paws
06:26:15 ♘Tosk
._. Oof.
Equity Falls
06:26:11 Dimmed | KNN
That's insane Cheeto. Good money though
06:25:12 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
... There was going to be a #4. I miscarried.
Lucky Ranch
06:25:08 Grapey II Eggs
06:24:44 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
No the ones I buy are for breeding, the babies are for eating... but so far all the babies sell before they get to butcher age. XD I enjoy that they literally pay for themselves AND the horses AND the goats XD
Nordic Designs
06:24:19 Keonah
Oh goodness mini tina #4 😂☠️

You up for that?
Equity Falls
06:23:50 Dimmed | KNN
Lmao Tosk 😂
06:23:26 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
With the current litter I have 17 XD
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Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open November 8, 2019 07:46 PM

Flying With Eagles
Posts: 1557
When the pain faded again, she let out a little sigh, her head lowered as she watched Zeus. "I can't do this..." she whimpered in fear.
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open November 8, 2019 07:51 PM

Hesin aica Stables
Posts: 23526
"yes you can," Zeus said softly.
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open November 8, 2019 08:02 PM

Flying With Eagles
Posts: 1557
Her ears flattened. "But what if I can't?" She looked up at him, then shook her head, backing away from the stall door at the pains returned again.

About an hour later, she went down in the back corner of her stall. The sound of labored breathing and the occasional soft groan were the only things to be heard in the stall.

Another hour after that, the foal was born. Rose cleaned it off, nudging it to its hooves, but she was too weak and exhausted to stand herself. This was unusual for horses and a reason for concern.
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open November 8, 2019 08:10 PM

Hesin aica Stables
Posts: 23526
Gabriella walked in after the foal was born and held her hand out to see if Rose was ok with her being in there.
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open November 8, 2019 08:13 PM

Flying With Eagles
Posts: 1557
Rose pricked her ears forward when Gabriella poked her arm into the stall. She let out a little tired nicker, before laying her head down again, exhausted. "Isn't he perfect, Zeus?" She murmured.
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open November 8, 2019 10:36 PM

Hesin aica Stables
Posts: 23526
"yeah." Zeus said with a soft smiled as he nuzzled the foal softly.

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