Moon rise
I'm about to capture a patterned horse what breed should i go for?
if im right tomorrow is next month so a start to a new year in horse eden eventing
Arabian Rescue
04:45:15 Baybe
Yup! Happy to help!
Arabian rescue thank you
04:43:57 Dior // Kalani
heyy! happpy halloween!
Arabian Rescue
04:43:36 Baybe
Give them to horses.
what do u do with treats
04:39:16 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
Keep forgetting tonight is rollover
04:36:12 Nyx
whoops wrong chat
04:35:51 Nyx
-HEE Click-
could I get some match help?
Saffrons Chimeras
Should I treat myself to some tack? I have an obsession and i havent got any for ages, it is KILLING ME! sorry for caps XD
04:28:02 Lupine~
The one I posted earlier was from a few days ago Eury
04:27:45 Lupine~
Thanks :3
04:27:27 Legion
30 minutes is a very quick turn around for posts.
Teal Elites
04:27:20 Tia
Thats stunning! *-*
Misty Mountain Lodge
04:27:05 tuff
Nice Lupine
04:23:06 Lupine~
Progress 🤩
Saffrons Chimeras
When you've been waiting for your 3 rp partners to reply for at least 25 minutes, then you realise they are all offline...
Prancing reins
Go and join this club I earned 30k yesterday woohoo -HEE Click- thank very much
Greatheart Stables
04:15:24 Sweetheart
Your welcome
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Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 20, 2019 02:37 PM
Former Stable
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Roxanne waked Bliss around a bit while they were waiting, then put her through her paces
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 20, 2019 02:44 PM

HMH Reality Check
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Bree, People on capture

Everybody, up. Bree said loudly enough for everyone but definitely quiet enough that none of the wild horses heard them. She swung into Charms saddle and patted his neck. She had 3 halters hanging over the horn on the western saddle, she also had a dart gun with 6 darts, she also had a lasso just on case like all the other riders on the capture. Everybody ready, Bree asked.
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 20, 2019 02:47 PM

Maryland Farm
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After taking everything she needed and tacking-up Charred, Tama jumped on his back. Cremello stallion was chewing the bit peacefully and slightly swishing his tail, just to keep flies away. "Yep" Tama answered Bree's question. Charred looked around, observing the other horses.
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 20, 2019 03:31 PM

Freedom Elites
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Avalon | Assistant | Everyone

Avalon nods to Bree and swings up on a fidgeting Luna. She almost was left in the dirt after she did a mini rear, but managed to stay on. Luna whirled around and Avalon tried calming her, but it hardly had any effect. The halters and other essential items dangled from her western saddles horn, while a rope was hanging in a easy spot to grab it if needed. She looked around, all of them mounted and ready to go.
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 20, 2019 07:46 PM

Tiger's Acres
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Monty // domestic stallion // open

Monty snorted as he watched the commotion from his stall. He was anxious and wanted to get out. He reared and kicked lightly at the stall door, not hard, but enough to be loud. He huffed and hung his head over the door, trying to open the door by sliding the latch out of place.

Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 20, 2019 08:09 PM

Aspen Fire ES
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Luna | Mare | Oldenburg | Humans & Other horses

-Luna snorts as she anxiously moved around a bit, obviously ready to go as she blows some snorts from her nostrils a few times. Swishing her dark brown tail as it was pretty much active-
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 20, 2019 08:16 PM

Diamond C Ranch
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Quest / Mare
Quest seeing the gelding leave she calmed down a lot and grazed a bit. She turned to see Nebula walking into the paddock, with her halter with her name sewed into the side. The mare walks up and puts her head into the halter so nebula can put it on.

Nebula Ranger / Trainer
Leading the mare to the cross ties she gives her a good groom. She then throws a western saddle on her back and puts her hackamore bridle on her and walk her to the arena. she lead the mare over to a barrels she has set out. she then walked her the the fence and tied the mare there. Nebula sets up the barrel timers and makes it so it says the time on the speaker in arena .
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 20, 2019 08:25 PM

HMH Reality Check
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Bree, people on capture

Alright, let's head out. The riders and horses walked for a while before coming up p to the edge of the clearing. A little but in the distance were the wild horses. Everyone slowly ready your dart guns and then on 3 we will charge and dart everyone that we can. When she saw that everyone had their dart guns ready, she started to count down quietly. 3, 2, 1 Dart. And spurred Charm into a gallop. She can up on the horses darting 4. Legend, Angel, Stormy and Akela.
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 20, 2019 09:02 PM

Diamond C Ranch
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Nebula Ranger / Trainer
Nebula gets on Quest and warms she up and then she back the mare to where she is touching the fence and she clucks and the mare goes in a full gallop around the barrel pattern.When home the timer said 14.21 second! Nebula stops Quest and give her a pat on the neck and tells her that this is the best time yet!

Quest / Mare
The mare running the barrel pattern as fast and as swiftly as she can. The mare is in her element. Doing the thing she was bred to do. The mare happy getting to do barrel racing she whined with joy and shook her head, after Nebula patted her on the neck.
Taken | Horse RP | Thread | Open September 20, 2019 09:22 PM

Freedom Elites
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Legend | Lead Stallion | Herd

The stallion wakes up with a jolt, but just a second to late. He scrambled to his feet and rears, horses surrounding him. He charges at the horses near him before taking off for the other horses that were surrounded. He started to feel woozy but that didn’t stop him from kicking one of the horses with weird things on them. He let out a fierce neigh before calling for the Lead Mare and Herd Stallions. He saw Angel on the ground and galloped over and she wasn’t responding. He was angry. Very angry. He lunged at the nearest horse and rider, both not paying attention to what was coming there way. He rears up above them and then comes down with a jolt as a rope is thrown over his head. She shakes his head and rears. He is continuously getting weaker but is fighting tirelessly and has promised himself he won’t go down without one giant fight. He strikes out at the horse and rider holding the rope and rears up really high, almost falling over at loss of balance. He plops down on all fours before spinning around and lunging at the others and kicking. He will not let them take him.

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