Killer Whale Elites
06:05:49 Picture Tide
I do, Ghosted! :D
Lucky Ranch
06:05:27 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
anyone know of some good stock thats like an old, fancy, dusty room? I remember there was a horse whos nickname was "The Vampire Queen" and her art had a really great stock image that Im trying to find. However...I forget her actual name ><
The Chimera Rescue
06:05:12 Ghosted
Killer! <3 like the new name?
Moon Shadow Ranch
06:05:12 Moon | TB + X
Killer Whale Elites
06:02:12 Picture Tide
Hello all!
- waves royally -
Quizzical Quarters
06:02:05 Stupid Bitch
I haven’t used email in so long lmfao
Moon Shadow Ranch
06:00:49 Moon | TB + X
Hello Licky!
06:00:18 Gem
Lucky Ranch
06:00:03 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
I like it!
05:57:16 Kidd
-HEE Click-
Shooo PEE went for a lot more than I remember back then LOL
Blue Boon Equine
05:56:57 Claire
Is my new set a 'yay' or 'nah'
05:53:42 Kidd
-HEE Click-
Do I need another PPP TB mare with no color? No. Can I trace this particular filly many many lines back to one of my first 5 TB mares? Yes.
Star Catcher Estate
05:49:53 Fleursie|Felru|Flav
Hey Yee... guess what...
I'm drawing a small comic ;P
For a contest on here
Elysium Opalus
05:48:08 Begone Thoughts
crystaluniicorn lineart time
Elysium Opalus
05:47:36 Begone Thoughts
I already donated 2 last week
05:46:56 Cowgirl
That would be so awesome!
05:46:05 Cowgirl
XD lol. I either am getting butted or sucked on or clawed and bit XD I'm running out of ideas
Lucky Ranch
05:45:54 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
and dogs if you stuffed enough treats inside XD
Elysium Opalus
05:45:53 Begone Thoughts
Do I want to make adopts to donate for trivia. Hmm.
Star Catcher Estate
05:45:11 Fleursie|Felru|Flav
I mean.... it could? XD Would probably work for cats lmao
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Expression of interest nightmare comes to life October 10, 2019 04:30 AM

Fireball Stables
Posts: 12217
A group of teenages always joked about ghosts and demons being fake. Well what happens when they decided to play with an Ouija board and they summon a demon. What will they do when creepy things start to happen to all of them. Will it be a coincidence or did they actually get in contact with a ghost and bring it back to their world.

Sigh ups

Demon sign up

There can be more then one demon and you can play as multiple characters as well. You don't have to be a demon either you can be a regular spirit to. Put Done in other if you have nothing else to add

My sign up
Name: Ella Makenzie
Age: 18
Height: 5'9
Apperence: ella has light brown hair with blond tips. She has crystal blue eyes. She is skinny but fit with a light tan
Personality: Ella is a quite girl who always goes along with her friends plans even if they go wrong. Ella likes to help her friends out and is always there for them
Backstory: Ella comes from a pretty nice family she doesn't believe in ghost or any supernatural thing.
Other: Done

Please follow the HEE rules and remember to have fun
This idea I got from watching the movie Ouija a few days ago

Edited at October 10, 2019 04:47 AM by Fireball Stables
Expression of interest nightmare comes to life October 10, 2019 01:56 PM
Former Stable
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<div style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">Demon sign up
<div style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">Name: Raven
<div style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">Age: 21<div style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">Height: Tall <div style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">Appearance: Black waist length hair and purple eyes attractive slim and lithe but slightly muscular figure<div style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">Personality: creepy fast agile strong<div style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">Backstory: was caught on the board and now is a demon<div style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">Other:done

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