New Eagle Equine
09:18:54 Eagle 🎨
I have to leave the house today. Wish me luck guys!
Equine Angel Estates
09:18:51 Cool Beans :P
Well I appreciate all the help guys i really do! Im gonna do more research and see what i can get myself into for the future. yall have been the biggest helps!
Aspen Fire ES
09:18:35 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
I'm doing good Flipper :3 How are you?
Song Sparrow Stables
09:18:21 SSS
-HEE Click- Oh I just got a brindle. That's 3 brindles now. Good thing he looks like his stud, because I'm very picky about brindles since they aren't my favorite color. I don't like it going all over their whole body.
New Eagle Equine
09:17:46 Eagle 🎨
NeEd, true. I'm not really that competitive anyways
Dirty Paws
09:17:29 ♘Tosk
Can you die from puffy eyes? x_ x These allergies...
New Eagle Equine
09:17:12 Eagle 🎨
Showing definitely isn't for everyone. I would like to show more, but I also just enjoy riding and being with horses.
Infinite Stallion
09:17:00 Horsy
-HEE Click-
Bored? Blue Grass Stable RP!
09:17:00 NeEd MorE DaPPleS
Depends how competitive you are Eagle Lol x3
09:16:31 NeEd MorE DaPPleS
Aspen! How are you doing? :D
09:16:00 Mor :)
-HEE Click-

holy what...4/6 on wk 4!!!
Sunstone Elite
09:15:49 Sun/Sunny
Man am I tired
New Eagle Equine
09:15:48 Eagle 🎨
It is a lot like school. But at least riding isn't all about being perfect. As long as you have fun that's all that matters.
Aspen Fire ES
09:15:30 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
Flipper <3 :3
09:15:19 Or am I Lib?
I've never shown but I hope to eventually, and I like tagging along at shows.
Song Sparrow Showing
09:15:14 SSS
I've been riding English my whole life, and at a show I went to I was doing all disciplines, so I did western and I had never ridden western before (except on trail rides but that doesn't count) and I got 2nd place. It was just flat work though, nothing fancy.
09:14:43 NeEd MorE DaPPleS
I love my sheep, But I agree showing is a *Ton* of work.And a lot of the time it doesn't feel worth the all that crazy effort.But I love to show off my homebred stock so im hooked as such xD It depends on your motives for doing it I think?
Equine Angel Estates
09:14:07 Cool Beans :P
I mean Im always under pressure i used to do Piano recitals all the time.. Grades based off performance and memory.. very stressful lol and i feel like i handle pressure well.
09:14:04 Legion
It also didn't impress me any that I was up against the stereotypical show princesses. Y'know the type that shows up in a 5 horse, gooseneck trailer with the ranch logo plastered all over the sides.
New Eagle Equine
09:13:48 Eagle 🎨
It's also a good way to improve your riding. You can see where you need to improve to make the next ride better.
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