02:56:13 Tea
I finally figured out how to canter without making a huge fuss and he was ANGELIC and I love him. He's so smooth <3 <3
02:56:10 The French Touch
Hi guys, I haven't played since 2 years or more ... Thanks covid 19 XD
Hi everyone
02:54:38 Tea
I was off my horse for two weeks so my instructor put me on a 17hh OTTB. He was FUN. But I couldn't reach the top of his back easily from the ground and I had to jump to get on his back lmao
Blitz Farms
02:54:22 Blitz x TB
I love Zippy, Tea! :D
02:53:26 Tea
Awww cute Blitz
Mount Your Horse
Both our horses where 16.2 and 17.2
Blitz Farms
02:52:58 Blitz x TB
Sherlock and I five years ago <33
Mount Your Horse
yes tea!
Stormsong Manor
02:52:28 Darth Ven
I technically delivered two days after my due date. I was due on Sept 12, induced early in the morning on the 13th, and had the emergency c-section on the afternoon of the 14th
02:51:57 Tea
I don't want children.
I just want horses. They're also expensive but they don't talk back xD
Mount Your Horse
I used to do figure skating and hockey.. I was thrown into the boards and hurt my shoulder and I quite figure skating to spend more time with the horse who croaked on me a few months later
02:51:12 Kait
Ven,my mom had the same struggle with me.. I feel bad knowing she struggled with almost exactly what you did. But she could not carry me until term, if she had tried to like she was told, both my mom an I would not have made it.But I'm glad that nowadays pregnant women can get help that can save both mom and baby if they act fast enough.
MakeEm Fancy
02:50:58 Ally 🌺
I felt the same way
:( blamed myself for the longest time and still struggle with it!
Mount Your Horse
and when he started to jump and they where in the same class all was quite and she was cantering on the wrong lead and you hear "Your on the wrong lead!"
02:50:00 Tea
Me and Zippy <3
I like horses at about 16hh, they're the perfect size for me
Spirtasi Whims
02:49:50 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
I would say out of any sport Horseriding and Hockey/Figurskating are probably the most dangerous. And the people who are in those sports are the most insane lol
Stormsong Manor
02:49:39 Darth Ven
I struggled with feeling like a failure. That and I couldn't nurse. There are a ton of mom-shamers out there and I have a tough skin but still had some depression over it.
02:49:24 Tea
My mom also tried to teach my dad to ride xD
MakeEm Fancy
02:48:57 Ally 🌺
There is only so much one woman can handle. Im glad you guys are alive and healthy! @ven
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Fox Clans RP - OPEN! October 26, 2020 08:54 AM

black opal
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Ash stood slowly and began to walk away hoping no one would notice.
Golden shook himself to fluff his fur and keep himself warm then sat back down. "you were saying Caden?" he asked trying to gEt the convorsation going again.
Fox Clans RP - OPEN! October 26, 2020 11:37 AM

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Caden l Alpha l GC
He nodded to the alpha. "Yes, that's fine with me" He paused, unsure of what to say, before speaking, "It's great to see another clan in the forest"
Fox Clans RP - OPEN! October 26, 2020 11:39 AM

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Alaska sat down beside Caden on the other side. He then looked out towards the horizon and felt the wind blowing though his fur

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