Angels angels
01:44:30 600+ Brindles
Bred a brindle and chimmy back to back
Vixen Creek
01:44:05 Vixie
lol puck i remember that video xD
Star Struck ISH
01:43:16 Star ⭐️
Geez Puck. I have never fallen off at a show, but I did bareback in a field once. I had my friend who had never ridden before on the horse with me and I had the reins. We where trotting and she started slipping off. She grabbed me as she was sliding off, and dragged me down with her.
Paradox Elites
01:42:39 Brie | Para
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:42:18 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:42:04 K/Mini Boyd Martin
My friend did that on a xc table. Horse stopped and she ended up sitting on it on her butt lol
01:41:34 puck
Brie that happened to me, I got bucked off immediately after a fence and I just jumped back on pig immediately and my trainer never realized I fell
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:41:15 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Puck, yes! I saw that it was amazing
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:40:55 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Last year my TB decided to be a bronco in warm up, we think it was because she bonded with a horse and it went behind a trailer.
Angels angels
01:40:44 600+ Brindles
I did that once but I was in a round pen and I fell on my hip on one of the panels broke my phone and bruised my hip bone
01:40:44 puck
There's a video that went viral a few years back of a horse stopping at a fence and the rider flew off and landed sitting on the standards 😂
Paradox Elites
01:40:43 Brie | Para
One time I was taking a lesson and fell, landed on my back/head, stood up afterward. My instructor wasn't even looking and was like "oh she landed on her feet" to my mom who watched the whole thing.

Hated that place.
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:39:42 K/Mini Boyd Martin
My aunt nearly did that once, except I think she landed in front of it, not on the other side.
Rainbow Equus
ngl that seems like the best part xD
01:37:32 desert
"are you a trick rider?" lmao
01:34:40 puck
I only fell off at a show once, my girth wasn't tightened and my saddle flipped under my pony in the warmup ring. Worst part is a dad saw it happen and was like "cool! Are you a trick rider?" No sir this is a hunter jumper show I'm just an idiot
Bumblebee Stables
01:34:34 Sweet Tea || Sara
^^ -HEE Click-
A grape
01:31:51 Lucky
I love the new varnishes!
Jacobs Irish Mash
01:30:50 Jacob
I dont like brown because it takes over for me grey to but i really like the seal brown. Looks more realistic than some of the other colors
Bluebax Manor
01:28:44 Killer Hummingbird
Seal brown is such a pretty color
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Forums > Breeding Discussion > Genetics

What is the marking called? June 10, 2021 03:22 AM

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Hi, I was wondering if this face marking (Victorious Moon) is called a badger or something else?
What is the marking called? June 10, 2021 08:59 AM

CC Knabbstruppers
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I think I saw someone call it an incomplete badger because it does not fully connect to make the badger face.
What is the marking called? June 10, 2021 10:26 AM

White Hills
Trivia Team
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I'm pretty sure that is a badger face pattern
What is the marking called? June 10, 2021 11:19 AM

Stormsong Manor
Game Moderator
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Yes, badger face, which means the horse is homozygous (SbSb) sabino.

Edited at June 10, 2021 11:19 AM by Stormsong Manor
What is the marking called? June 13, 2021 05:03 AM

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Thank you to everyone that replied, your info is very helpful!

Forums > Breeding Discussion > Genetics

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