Abstract Dunes
10:55:31 Abs
Hmm that is screenshotted and going into the Jeri files on Ab's computer. XD
Morning Glory Farms
10:55:15 Tericipatrivia/MGF
Are you donating? Lo!
Jericho Stables
Apparently uterine transplants are starting to become more of a thing for those who can't have kids.
Morning Glory KNNs
10:54:48 MGF/Tricia
Cookies actually aren't bad shipped I sent some to a friend deployed in Japan and he said they were still good when he got them
Morning Glory KNNs
10:52:55 MGF/Tricia
Lolol I'll trade you Jeri I can make bread but my body is apparently shit at making bred 😂😂😂
10:52:24 Did you miss me?
Huh. -HEE Click-
Emmas Eventers
Wouldn't be very fresh by time it got to me lol
Morning Glory KNNs
10:51:35 MGF/Tricia
I know I can send cookies and they last
Jericho Stables
Just making bred LOLOLOLOLOL
Jericho Stables
Dude, make it happen. I know shit about making bread
10:49:58 Chai
Well I wasnt expecting that

-HEE Click-
Anime Pride
Ouch Tricia
Morning Glory KNNs
10:49:41 MGF/Tricia
And lol i wonder if I can over night you bread 🤔
Morning Glory KNNs
10:49:21 MGF/Tricia
-HEE Click- boo
Jericho Stables
YEAAAHHHH That shop is closed for business XD
Morning Glory KNNs
10:48:02 MGF/Tricia
Breads so easy I can teach
10:48:02 PNW
I recently scored an Adventurer's Map, but I'm scared to use it. I'm feeling extremely unlucky right now, and I don't want to waste it. :/
Morning Glory KNNs
10:47:44 MGF/Tricia
I thought you didn't want anymore kids but if you insist 😂😂😂
Anime Pride
Teach me how to make said bread
So your not gonna keep him anime?
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