Dream Weaver Ranch
06:36:11 Chloe/Coco
I don't know, twins are already a lot! It's so weird that in a lot of us the hubby wants more XD
My mum is the third youngest, she has 2 brothers who are younger then her.
Dirty Paws
06:35:45 ♘Tosk
Whaaat? Because he's worried about you, ven?
Nordic Designs
06:35:41 Keonah
Oh I'm sure lucky 🙄
Equity Falls
06:35:36 Dimmed | KNN
Lucky Summer 😒 I don't think mine would. I'm hoping to get tied up
Stormsong Manor
06:34:57 Ven
I want another one. Husband does not.
Elk Run Stables
06:34:55 Elk
Would these two be a good match?

-HEE Click-

-HEE Click-
Lucky Ranch
06:34:46 Grapey II Eggs
And pregnant to twins xD

Makes...a large family lmao
06:34:45 T|Heart|Kinzey
my grandpa was 9 of 14, my mum was 3 of 3, and my dad was 2 of 2. I am 1 of 1
Hubby is getting his vasectomy next year, woohoo!
Dirty Paws
06:34:42 ♘Tosk
I don't mind teaching kids. But a kid of my own? Nope
Nordic Designs
06:34:12 Keonah
9 dogs and 11 aunts/uncles man.. 🙃
Emmas Eventers
My Mum's had 6 babies but one died
Nordic Designs
06:33:35 Keonah
Oh shit tina I'm sorry :(

But buns are decent pets, people love them
Don't think they used contraception back in those days.
Equity Falls
06:33:26 Dimmed | KNN
I could never do the child thing. My step daughter is 4 and lives far away and I already feel so much pressure 😂
Dream Weaver Ranch
06:33:21 Chloe/Coco
My mom is 12 out of 12 XD
Lucky Ranch
06:32:38 Grapey II Eggs
06:32:27 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
I am trying to upload pictures but my internet has the dumbz
Grapey, my mum was 1 of 14.
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