DeMarisco Stables,
would you consider lowering the prices?
Spirtasi Whims
12:12:29 Wings/Spring Day
I'm so happy he /might/ not produce Roan
-HEE Click-
Crystal Gems Stables
12:12:20 Tay Tay/ Taylor
look at my top show horses lol. the numbers are quite the meme worthy! -HEE Click-
Tragic Really
12:12:19 Jacob
I got an EEP PON filly with splash to so maybe ill get some more splash babies from them.
Tragic Really
12:10:31 Jacob
12:10:22 West || Turnip
Thanks vixie :))
Bee Pack
12:10:07 Belle
How gorgeous <3
Bee Pack
12:09:39 Belle
@Teflon Brain
I know!
Have you came across your favourite FewSpot horse yet xD
Tragic Really
12:09:34 Jacob
-HEE Click-
I hope this girl does well. She is my first EWE PON and she has splash which ive been trying to breed into my lines for a while.
12:08:24 Teflon Brain
@Belle I love Fewspots! Now if only the WB's had it too... XD
Vixen Creek
12:08:22 Vixie
That looks great west!
Pony Paradise
12:08:05 Pony || Ducky
Ooh tiny blanket <3
Spirtasi Whims
12:07:57 Wings/Spring Day
I always love the little Blankets
12:07:30 desert
Well well I actually captured something passable ratings-wise for once: -HEE Click-
Bee Pack
12:06:35 Belle
-HEE Click-
FewSpot PONs have to be my favourite kind of horses at the moment
12:05:19 West || Turnip
Mmmmm that giveth me an idea
Pony Paradise
12:04:55 Pony || Ducky
But you serious though xD
I'd totally snatch that lmao
crazy ranch
-HEE Click-
lots of horses at my action flashy and cheap!!:)
Spirtasi Whims
12:04:10 Wings/Spring Day
West that is beautiful!
12:04:06 West || Turnip
thankie joker :)
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