Hi everyone!😀
06:45:19 Tina
By the way guys changing to my ether account.
06:44:54 Tina
Never mind Coral.
Stone Wall Eventing
06:44:02 SWE
My THATS autocorrects all the time so I have to correct it to thatÂ’s
Coral Eventers
06:42:18 Coral
What do you mean?
06:41:42 Tina
Coral was the THIS so supposed to not be caps?
Coral Eventers
06:40:07 Coral
Mine would correct to duck..Every single time
06:40:04 Tina
Diva auto correct is knows nothing.
06:39:28 Tina
I got my bro to turn it off.
Moonrose Mountains
06:39:06 Diva
I loved how anytime I wanted to curse I was corrected - crap/carp, hell/halo, fuck/fiddle 😂
06:39:02 Tina
Hell Raised Arabians
06:38:12 It's me.. Hades
I know! I'm almost wondering why she's being so nice all of a sudden
06:37:43 Tina
Now oral instead of coral I get. But... HORSESHOE FOR HORRIBLE! WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!!!!! Lol just kidding. Or am i?😂
06:37:42 Tangle || Tabgle.
(Directed at Hades)
06:37:22 Tangle || Tabgle.
That's really super cool :D
Coral Hide Away
06:34:49 Coral/Not So Hidden
I understand that XD
06:34:31 Tina
It's auto correct fault.
06:34:07 Tina
AUTO correct is horrible right now.
Coral Hide Away
06:34:06 Coral/Not So Hidden
06:33:37 Tina
My auto corrected is horseshoe.
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Chimera Hidden Under White? September 15, 2020 08:25 PM

Breezie Rose
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The genetic test says she's a chimera, but there isn't a white chimera (that I know of) and I think that chimera should be above white, right?
Chimera Hidden Under White? September 15, 2020 08:28 PM

Jericho Stables
Game Moderator
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As far as I know, or at least this is how the game has been to date, white hides everything but appaloosa.
Chimera Hidden Under White? September 15, 2020 10:16 PM

All Breeds
Game Moderator
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What Jeri said White hides all patterns and such except for Appy
Chimera Hidden Under White? September 16, 2020 06:31 PM

Hayzed Pastures
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White isnt a base coat thats supposed to allow
chims i dont think.

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