Aussie Wattles
05:23:08 Aussie
Wow thatÂ’s stunning Sunset!
Sunset Grove Farm
It says at the bottom of the image :)
It wasn't someone on hee by the way
Phantasm Farm
04:20:20 Memelord
Who was the artist?
Phantasm Farm
04:20:04 Memelord
Looks amazing Sunset.
Angeli Caelo
04:16:31 > Angel <
So pretty, Sunset !
Sunset Grove Farm
Morning everyone
Just had this Commision completed for me of my oc and in in love 😍
Maryland Farm
04:10:57 Sham
Ecurie that goes to sales chat.
~ Hades ~
03:26:35 ~Daughter Of Satan~
-HEE Click-
My elite bravery boy
Ecurie de Norest
And he had Elite bravery
Ecurie de Norest
I have very good Sport Pony with EEE and this horse is up for breeding for 10,000 without restrictions for your mares !
Royale Legacy Stud
02:36:26 Drake
This little guys sire is a WC Bravery and his dam is P bravery. I hope he rates well bravery wise...

-HEE Click-
Anyone up for MxF wolf rp. Pm me if you have topics.
Morning Glory Farms
01:16:46 MGF/Tricia
Night Pup
Pinned Up Ponies
welp kids. its way past my bed time! :P Have a good night!
Pinned Up Ponies
LOL I'm mostly just trying to recoup my losses after entering everyone in feds! lol I haven't totaled the costs up since I cut my herd in half but i was pushin over a mill every rollover just on entering feds. It's still a huge chunk and if i breed to one nice stud then i'm toast.
Morning Glory Farms
01:09:35 MGF/Tricia
Same I find the RF is nicer to me later in the month to lmao
Pinned Up Ponies
Same here w/the mares Glory. My yearlings go roughly at week 4 unless I bred them at the start of the month and then I just let them go till 2 year olds. I don't do a rush breeding at the beginning at the month so really by week 4 for most everyone they are actually 2 year olds already.
Morning Glory Farms
01:03:20 MGF/Tricia
But on show my yearlings after 4 weeks training if they go up bars
Morning Glory Farms
01:03:00 MGF/Tricia
I've never been one for C/S geldings do better and it's cheaper if my mares are showing them they're breeders to
Amhain Dull Liath
12:54:58 One Way Grey
This shirt is literally half the length of my body.. I love it
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Forums > Art Shops > Adoptables

The cattery August 6, 2019 07:38 PM

Everglade Equestrian
Posts: 392
Welcome! This cattery allows for the storage of feline adoptables! This page allows all animals of the felidae family. ( Including the extinct smilodon )
Upon joining the Cattery you get your own cat corner.
( A PNG room giving perspective of room whereabouts ) A Joining certificate can be purchased for 100 ebs. However this certificate is free for anyone who has adopted one of my animals from my adoption center. This certificate is a one time payment and there will be no cost to the maintenance of your cattery.

Please stick with only members of the FELIDAE ( FELINE) Family.
Please don't be rude to anyone at all
Have fun :)

Shop: ( Only applies to animals adopted from me )
All future adopts can have an interactive feature, if chosen animals have 3 bars, Hunger, morale and energy and it if your job to make sure they are happy and healthy, this is optional and adds dimension but not necessary.

Kibble - 50 ebs for 200g of kibble | +1 hunger + 0 Moral + 1 energy
Fish bone - 50 ebs for 5 | + 0 hunger + 2 morale + 0 Energy
Meat pouch - 500 ebs for 10 | +3 Hunger + 3 Morale + 3 Energy
Fish Fillet - 500 ebs for 2 | +5 Hunger +5 Morale +5 Energy

Bell collar - 100 ebs
Cat mittens - 100 ebs
Ribbon collar - 100 ebs
Cat harness - 100 ebs
Cat harness lead - 100 ebs


Laser pointer - 100 ebs ( lasts 5 plays) + 5 morale
Toy mouse - 100 ebs ( lasts 5 plays) + 5 morale
Sky dancer- 200 ebs ( lasts 7 plays) + 5 morale
Feather dancer - 500 ebs ( lasts 10 plays) + 10 morale

By default your cattery has room for 5 members, but the following extensions can be purchsed:
+ 5 members - 500 ebs
+ 10 members - 1000 ebs
+ 15 members - 1500 ebs
+ 20 members - 2000 ebs

I hope you all have a great day! More updates coming soon!

The adoption center:

Edited at August 6, 2019 08:02 PM by Everglade Equestrian
The cattery August 6, 2019 08:04 PM

Everglade Equestrian
Posts: 392

This is the cattery lay out, with a minimum of 5 members before extension

Forums > Art Shops > Adoptables

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