The Nine
06:45:13 9
totally agree, it gets really annoying
06:43:45 Legion
Well, like I said. If I didn't use it, I'd have a shitton of culled mares who'd, otherwise, clog up my breeding center
The Nine
06:43:22 9
I just put them up for breeding *shrug* They tend to stay in money longer anyway
Orchid Elites
Sunny, me too!
06:42:46 Scout
I show my mares without using CS and they do fine for the most part. Hmmm.
Pine Dusk Ranch
06:42:44 Oak
She is so pretty!!
-HEE Click-
Sunstone Elite
06:42:01 Sun/Sunny
I love mass name change, but I wish there was a feature to enter our own names, kinda like entering prices for public breeding.
06:41:19 Legion
If you intend to show the mares, yes. Otherwise I'd be having over 550 mares clogging up my breeding center
06:39:53 Scout
You guys who use CS, is it really worth it?
06:36:46 puck
alphabetical order any and everything would be great
06:36:37 Jacob
I wish we could assign all horses in a barn to the manager
06:35:58 Legion
I'd honestly settle for that, too.
Sunstone Elite
06:35:46 Sun/Sunny
Exactly Tasi xD
Minter Stable
Bruh this new adopt-
I can't stop adoring it-
06:35:04 Jacob
Just helped mom mix up the butter pecan cake and im excited. She makes it and puts a coconut pecan icing on it its so dam good.
Spirtasi Whims
06:34:46 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
I wish we could have an option to 'put all mares in barn on CS' that would be fun
The Nine
06:34:14 9
I just want the breeding center displayed alphabetically. Its a shit show for me right now
Sweet Dreams Farms
06:33:05 SDF/ Sunni
-HEE Click- *throws pretty boy in chat*
06:32:48 Legion
Now, if we got a 'CS mare' ability from the horse page and the ability to sort the breeding center by discipline? I'd be a very happy camper
Spirtasi Whims
06:30:45 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
Sun that sounds like a terrific idea
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Moon Shadow's OCs! October 5, 2020 03:46 PM

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I'm offering OCs for free. I'll be opening only one slot at a time just so I don't get over run with orders. Just post here with what you would like. Do not post if you aren't ordering, post your order only once please!
Slot #1: Open!
I don't have examples currently but I will add them as I make more OCs!
Moon Shadow's OCs! October 5, 2020 03:48 PM

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Hey there! I am looking to get a new oc!
could it be a Blue roan frame?
and can I have Rabicano?
its going to be a mare.

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