Rivendell Steeds
07:27:26 Ronin/Roin/Tonin
Click each rider individually and scroll to the bottom of their page. There will be a "Pay rider" option.
Honey Grass
Nevermind I got it thank you
Honey Grass
Honey Grass
All I see if fire riders qnd chance payday
Full Stride Farm
07:24:56 FSF 🐴
-HEE Click-
Moonland And Elites
07:24:02 M&E, Loony
In the riders lounge on the riders page
Honey Grass
How do I pay a rider?
Field of Reeds
Awesome thank you!
I played back in like 2015 but a lot has changed since then! (And my memory is poor haha!)
Nightshade Stables
06:57:44 Lyn
No problem! If you have any other showing questions, feel free to PM me at any time :)
Field of Reeds
Gotcha, thank you so much for straightening it out for me!
Nightshade Stables
06:56:32 Lyn
No, the result will not automatically turn green. It is only based on the last show that the horse entered and whether or not that was 7th place or better (and once the horse levels up, it will stop being green).
You will have to show the horse again after about a month and see if the result is green.
Field of Reeds
Ok thank you Lyn
So basically, from what I was told the other day will the horses previous result turn green after training for 5-6 weeks or do you have to show them again to find out?
I definitely don't envy you American women right now.
Nightshade Stables
06:52:48 Lyn
Field, if a horse is in the green it refers to in the easy show enter page, when a horse's last show result will show up as green if it is 7th place or better (aka, if it is making money).
However this only works with regard to the horse's last show and presumably you will not be showing a horse right after they level up since they will no longer be making money. I usually wait about a month (5 weeks ish) after levelling to show my SD geldings again, and with AD I'd usually give them an extra week.
☪{Moonstone} ☪
06:52:40 Moon
sorry it was for something else
Moonland And Elites
06:52:31 M&E, Loony
Two mods stepped down? which ones?
Field of Reeds
* I asked how do you know
☪{Moonstone} ☪
06:50:17 Moon
Field of Reeds
OK guys, I have a question here because I'm confused/frustrated

So a few days ago how do you know when to enter a horse after level 1. I was told to enter when the horse is in the green. Does this mean green on the training page or showing page? All my horses I showed yesterday did badly last night

Also, what does it mean when a horse's eventing level is green? Thanks!
MakeEm Fancy
06:48:52 Ally 🌺
Me three in hiding chat.
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