Lucky Ranch
11:28:18 luhckeigh
I can yap about him for ages lol
Lucky Ranch
11:28:06 luhckeigh
yess im a horse girl 💅💅
his name is maple! he's an ottb and hes a cutie patootie
hes a western horse we tried English and it flopped epicly, hes a great all around western horse though he loves barrels and he knows some reining shit hes got a nice slide stop and spins on him and we've worked cows before but thats not his favorite 😂 we've also done some western pleasure and right now we mostly just do trail rides though, so yeah he does a bit of everything
Hummingbird Meadows
11:25:26 Hummer
I also never really realized you owned a horse? What breed? Name? What do you like to do with him?
Lucky Ranch
11:25:06 luhckeigh
or first abscess since I've had him, he might have had them before lol
Lucky Ranch
11:24:49 luhckeigh
yeah its his first ever abscess lol
it resolved super quick so im happy, literally happened yesterday and blew today woohoo!
Hummingbird Meadows
11:24:11 Hummer
Fun times. XD

It is so freakin awesome to have an abscess break. XD I haven't experienced it myself, but I can only imagine the stress of your horse being lame and it finally resolving.
Lucky Ranch
11:23:16 luhckeigh
no, she just waits until I get home and then screams at me lol shes in her unhinged era 🤩
Hummingbird Meadows
11:22:47 Hummer
I can't think of another reason someone would break into a house. XD
Wynn Talli
11:22:43 Jokers Hideyrock
Yep! KNNs are notorious for bad training, just look at the LBs and you'll see where any strength drops off pretty quickly :P
Lucky Ranch
11:22:32 luhckeigh
omg yay thats awesome! you deserve a nice break from school
dude thats so real though lol sometimes you dont realize how much something is stressing or draining you until its gone
Hummingbird Meadows
11:21:20 Hummer
@Lucky, does your Mom steal things when she breaks into your house? 0.o
Hummingbird Meadows
11:20:47 Hummer
@Lucky, doing good actually! I have realized just how stressful school is for me. I haven't been in school most of April and won't be taking classes summer term and it feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
Iris Grove
11:18:40 Lace
is it? 👀
Lucky Ranch
11:18:12 luhckeigh
*overall a
Wynn Talli
11:17:48 Jokers Hideyrock
That's really decent for a KNN
Lucky Ranch
11:17:35 luhckeigh
hi bestie I'm doing ok kind of a chaotic day my mom has been cuckoo she keeps breaking into my house 😭🎀💅 but its fine and my horse is feeling better he blew out his abscess and over a pretty good day, how are you?
Hummingbird Meadows
11:09:34 Hummer
@lucky, lol. How are you doing tonight?
Hummingbird Meadows
11:09:24 Hummer
@Lace, I think decent?
Iris Grove
11:08:09 Lace
i can't tell if this is decent or bad for a KNN
-HEE Click-
Lucky Ranch
11:02:14 luhckeigh
on his momma he didn't do anything he won't do anythinf
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