Circle C Stables
12:31:16 Wiccan
I could get into a whole political explanation and say that it all the government and a conspiracy but I just don't feel like that kind of and argument right now. My grandma is just like them and all we can do is smile and nod with gloves and our masks just to avoid getting into an argument
Wildfire KNN Stables
I'm worrying about BTS XD. Luckily they came out negative..
Tragic Really
12:29:04 Jacob
Oh yeah. She is obsessed with trump and blindly follows whatever he is saying even when his expert's say something else. And if it doesnt go with what she thinks it must be made up bull crap.
Lucky Ranch
12:29:00 Grapey II Eggs
And Im very sorry to hear about your mom :/
Lucky Ranch
12:28:12 Grapey II Eggs
jeez. I dont mean to sounds rude, however, she should learn more about medicine, epidemiology, and viruses before making statements like that. Thousands of people are sick, dead, and dying, as I type this. Hell, 3 miles away from where I live, theres a fucking crisis happening because of it. (even more then in the us, and other well estblished countries)
Shivering Sea
12:26:37 Shiv
President went wolfing so it must be over XDDDDD
Tragic Really
12:26:09 Jacob
Thanks. I just hate how my sister is being so selfish. She keeps telling my mom that her president went golfing so it must be over and if she thought there was any risk she wouldnt want her iver so badly and that no ones even dying from it anymore...what the hell is she watching XD. Plus her whole family works around alot if people all at different jobs.
Circle C Stables
12:23:31 Wiccan
I feel you @Jacob
Crystal Gems Stables
12:22:51 Tay Tay/ Taylor
Im so sorry @jacob! I'll be crossing my fingers and praying for you!! ( that kind of sounds like a grandma thing to say ) but i hope it helped relieve the stress a bit!!
Crystal Gems Stables
12:21:12 Tay Tay/ Taylor

got to sales or just PM them
Tragic Really
12:21:07 Jacob
Im so worried. My mom is high risk for death if she gets covid and shes going to see my sister. My sister is very likely to talk mom out of her mask and gloves because she is adamant that this is over theres nothing to worry about now and blah blah blah. Im also a high risk person so if mom gets it ill likely get it and then what. Whos going to take care of my animals if we end up in hospital.
Shivering Sea
12:20:18 Shiv
Halflinger that question doesn't belong here.
Spirtasi Whims
12:12:29 Wings/Spring Day
I'm so happy he /might/ not produce Roan
-HEE Click-
Crystal Gems Stables
12:12:20 Tay Tay/ Taylor
look at my top show horses lol. the numbers are quite the meme worthy! -HEE Click-
Tragic Really
12:12:19 Jacob
I got an EEP PON filly with splash to so maybe ill get some more splash babies from them.
Tragic Really
12:10:31 Jacob
12:10:22 West || Turnip
Thanks vixie :))
Bee Pack
12:10:07 Belle
How gorgeous <3
Bee Pack
12:09:39 Belle
@Teflon Brain
I know!
Have you came across your favourite FewSpot horse yet xD
Tragic Really
12:09:34 Jacob
-HEE Click-
I hope this girl does well. She is my first EWE PON and she has splash which ive been trying to breed into my lines for a while.
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Celestial sent in pm

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When you have an opening...

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for cloverhoof
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RMA :)

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