Woodroffe Stud
03:33:53 Beeze
-HEE Click- is she worth breeding to an EWW+ stallion or nah?
-HEE Click- how has this person showed their horse 8 times in a week?
my barn manager won't enter horses I've assigned to her even when my horses are fed, riders are paid, etc, and I don't know why?
ABC Breeding
02:28:40 PNW
Goodnight, Ink. :)
Argenthyne Appendix
02:27:27 InkSpren
02:23:36 PNW
Hello, confusion. I'm PNW.
Alluring Luminosity
02:16:14 Bri 🌺 // AL
I am confusion.
02:13:21 PNW
Purple Pegasus Farm
02:12:49 Graceful
That makes two.
Argenthyne Appendix
02:10:49 InkSpren
I am so confused.
ABC Breeding
Wow she must be stupid or somthing, okay well ima go hang out with coi (Jumping ellites) so see ya. Oh and have a great morning
ABC Breeding
srry i did a refresh ignore my stupid phone and me
ABC Breeding
Okay...Well if she got blocked on this, Back to wolfquest and scocial media LOL
Woodroffe Stud
02:01:32 Beeze
what is with the genetics game the past few days - 4 combinations are you serioUS
ABC Breeding
Um i keep getting insta'd by coi,she got blocked
Purple Pegasus Farm
01:55:15 Graceful
I keep trying too. Been an odd couple of days for me.
Khatovar KNNs
01:53:20 InkSpren
Get some sleep, girl.
Purple Pegasus Farm
01:48:38 Graceful
Whoopsie. I guess that's what happens when you've had only five hours of sleep in the last four days. 😂
Khatovar KNNs
01:47:42 InkSpren
It's okay, I love you anyway.

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