Golden apple estates
10:04:52 Taylor/Tay
I just had the same thing happen too!
Pony Paradise
10:04:38 Pony || Ducky
It's better now, but it went out for a second
Sunset Grove Farm
10:03:55 gertrude
yeh it wouldnt let me on, its been happening a few times lately, but im pretty sure eve said she contactd rhe webhost or something
Cherry Blossom Farm
Me too Maddie
MarbleFox Manor
10:02:52 Marble
Yeah same thing happened to me just now lol
Dream Weaver Ranch
10:02:44 Maddie/Madeline
I keep having trouble going into to HEE but that's probably my internet/Wi-Fi. I'm having problems with that.
Moonglade Manor
10:02:06 Ella soupington
Yup pony
10:01:17 Jacob
Moonlight Eventing
10:01:14 Moonlight
Yes, it's lagging out for me too

Stabulum Equorum
Pony Paradise
10:00:40 Pony || Ducky
HEE lagging out for anyone else?
09:57:15 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Yuss to the pearl Tosk :)
Sunstone Elite
09:57:08 Sun/Sunny
I don't do PON's over here so someone else would have to do it, but this match could be super interesting, especially with her being so short:
-HEE Click-

And yess Tosk. Those girls are so pretty
Dawn Creek Rescue
-HEE Click- Ohh wow .o.
09:56:14 Witch of the East
Maddie, Basil + Jasmine + Vanilla are for the love potion quest
Dream Weaver Ranch
09:56:08 Maddie/Madeline
Okay thanks!
09:55:56 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Maddie, you can craft items when you get all ingredients. It's found under Crafting in your inventory
Stabulum Equorum
-HEE Click-

And some pearl, hopefully
-HEE Click-
Dream Weaver Ranch
09:55:01 Maddie/Madeline
What are recipes for? I recently got basil leafs
09:55:00 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Sunset, underwater?
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